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Јakimovski: Spies in prison – new SDSM leadership!


Stevce Jakimovski, mayor of Karposh Municipality and GROM leader, who, for obvious reasons, left the sinking ship on time, recommends that spies should end up in jail, while SDSM should get new leadership.

At one of the opposition’s press conferences, information leaked that the former president of SDSM, Branko Crvenkovski, has directly “bargained” against you with VMRO-DPMNE. What have you done so wrong to Crvenkovski?

JAKIMOVSKI: Actually, it is part of Branko Crvenkovski’s character, considering himself a very smart person who can do impossible missions. But this time, he has entangled himself in his own slyness and met for the first time partner equal to him and who can pull the right move at the right time. They interpreted my conversation with Mijalkov as an act of treason, whereas the ‘light-headed’ members of SDSM regard Crvenkovski’s conversation with the same representative of VMRO-DPMNE as a normal phenomenon because Branko did it, and everything is allowed for him and all is forgiven. Well, that cannot be!

How do you interpret this moment of ‘error’, again giving wind in sails for the public and manipulating a situation where Zaev settles his accounts with Crvenkovski, or a real conflict between the two factions – Branko’s supporters vs. Zaev’s supporters within the party?

JAKIMOVSKI: Take a good look: everyone that understands politics is steer clear of Zaev. Ljupco Georgievski was part in this story only three days, is now he totally on the side. Crvenkovski as well. Can anyone say that Igor Ivanovski, Jani Makraduli Natasha Savova, Emilian Stankovic and Vesna Bendevska do not understand politics ?! They all know that the new “Bosko Buha” will be destroyed by their own shrapnel. So they leave everything sink deeper. The silence of the internal party opposition in SDSM has broken Andrej Petrov and Vasko Eftov down as proven supporters of Branko. Then the message from Zoran Zaev to Crvenkovski was clear: either you keep silent or you will burn!

However, the information about Crvenkovski was presented at a press conference, where for the first time outside of the usual pattern, the materials were presented by Andrej Zernovski, not Zaev. Considering the court games of former Bihacka, did Zaev  want to exempt himself from responsibility for public clash with the man who granted him amnesty as a president?

JAKIMOVSKI: Yes! That was Zaev’s sloppy attempt to oppose Crvenkovski and he used Zernovski who played the dirty game delighted he was given a chance to speak publicly because he ceased to be his party’s leader (so that he is “in” and not “out”) . Probably, because the next he gave explanations, јуст like Amdi Bajram did over the Roma people case, that he cannot win without Branko’s help.

Doesn’t it make more sense that if there has been a conflict with Zaev, Crvenkovski – in order to break the ‘opposing’ story – would offer VMRO-DPMNE a deal involving Strumica, and not Center. At the same time, he would also get to ‘discipline’ you with the majority votes for your opponent?

JAKIMOVSKI: That is exactly the dishonesty SDSM politicians have carved in their souls. They give their support to Zernovski at first, than work against him behind his back, just like they used to do to me in SDSM’s city organization. I did not fall for that!

You have personally invited Zaev to publish the conversations with you from that period of time. What is in them?

JAKIMOVSKI: I know exactly what is i those conversations. It is his turn now. If he is that transparent and honest, he should publish them all, so that his members could also see what their leader thinks of SDSM, of his fellow party members and Crvenkovski, as well as all he is prepared to do.

Regardless whether it is true or it is just one more compromising and forged recording, it turns out SDSM party itself was directly involved in election fraud, by bargaining votes for votes, destroying their current ‘aces’ in the game. Since you are well-acquainted with the internal situation in this party, how come the ‘creators of the state’ have such vast knowledge in election rigging and fraud?

JAKIMOVSKI: Hahaha! Why do you think in the 1994 elections VMRO-DPMNE and the Democratic Party quit in the second elections round? Because of electoral fraud! I have witnessed what happened in Karposh in 1996 and how did Saso Kuzmanovski win. You do remember the strikes of Petar Gosev and VMRO-DPMNE in front of Karposh Municipality building. Vote riggers themselves have publicly explained how they rigged votes of soldiers and prisoners.

In your opinion, what is the expected outcome from the current political situation?

JAKIMOVSKI: Spies, order givers and their collaborators should end up behind bars, naturally – following a transparent court procedure and for actors to have moral and political responsibility. I expect a new congress of SDSM and new leadership.