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1.209 receipts for asylum applications issued last weekend

azil begalci sirijci imigranti

Interior Ministry has issued 1.209 receipts for applying for asylum in the country of foreign nationals who illegally entered our territory over the weekend.

In the period from June 19 to July 6, the Interior Ministry has issued certificates to a total of 8.595 foreign nationals of whom 6.688 male, 1.081 female, 790 children who accompany holder of receipt and 36 children who have been issued a certificate of expressed intent to submit an application for recognition of the right to asylum.

According to the citizenship of people who have been issued certificates, the most numerous are the citizens of Syria 5.911, then 743 from Afghanistan, Iraq 485, Pakistan 366, 268 from Somalia, Congo 238, 221 from Palestine.

Thirteen requests for asylum by Syrian nationals, of who for four children have been submitted to Asylum Department, Interior Ministry said in a press release.

In the past two days, three mobile teams provided first aid to a total of 385 people, 41 interventions were performed in Tabanovce and the rest at Gevgelija border crossing and railway station.