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5 benefits of eating cranberries year-round

These tiny red friends can help with stroke recovery, ward off urinary infections and improve your gut bacteria.
Did you indulge in a load of cranberry sauce this Thanksgiving? Going in for more at Christmas?

When it comes to the famous turkey sauce, some could take it or leave it. Others love it. If you find yourself on the latter side of the fence, here are some reasons to celebrate your best berry habit, and pat yourself on the back for a good choice.

1) They Rank #1 in Antioxidants
According to the American Chemical Society, cranberries are even better for you than broccoli.

These guys did an antioxidant comparison of common fruits and found that pure cranberry contains the highest quantity of disease-fighting phenols. These are antioxidants that are believed to reduce your risk developing many chronic diseases.

2) They Might Reduce Stroke Damage
A study from way back in 2003 found preliminary evidence to suggest that cranberries might reduce the brain cell damage associated with a stroke. Rats involved in the study actually reduce the death of their brain cells by half, just by eating cranberry extract.

3) Oh, Yes: Urinary Infections

It’s true that it works. At least partially. Chemicals present in this magical red fruit have been found to prevent infection-causing bacteria from attaching to the cells that line the urinary tract.

4) They Better Your Biome

Your microbiome will love you. Beneficial gut bacteria love cranberries, and flourish when you eat them.

5) They’re Warding Off Cancer

As an A-level antioxidant, these berries are on the list of cancer-fighters.

Source: www.ratemds.com