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A woman!


Budimka Popovska

Let me be clear. A “woman” is not a woman.

A woman is a principle. Cosmic principle. A woman is the enduring value of man.

A woman is the universe.

A man is million stars, if so.

A woman is something more than poetry and something less than drama. Hysteria might be her middle name, if her man drinks. Then there are two ways: either to join him in the pub and to be regarded as a butch, or sit at home alone in a sea of self-pity. A woman that knows what she wants, always chooses the road where she walks alone.

If shortly after, she comes across landslides, or some slowdown, or “road work ahead”, or if she feels too lonely, or if she finds herself in the middle of a crowd, she does not hesitate. She just reminds herself that She is the Road.

She steps because the inner side of her shoe reads “enthusiast”. The shoes are handmade and unique.

A woman knows how to get into trouble with pathos is she drinks more than her body can take. A woman, of course, is ideal when she is silent.

Today a quiet woman is rarity and the precious pearls wanted by art historians. (Of course, referring to silence as gold and silence that speaks for itself.) 

A woman herself is a gift. Not after she is born and after he father meekly postpones the football in the drawer. But when awaiting her arrival as a chance to fulfill the promise.

If her parents at least enjoyed in the moment of her conceiving, she will have the behavior of a princess; and if they  were making her secretly in the dark and with a guilty conscience, or accidentally, there is a possibility that she will turn out like Salman Rushdie, Anita Moorjani or the like.

If a woman is planned, her life is like a river that facilitates the road to the others. If her mother in the first three months of pregnancy hesitated whether to abort, but yet she had her, she will be born with a tattoo “Kafka” on the left shoulder. She will write confusing poetry, and her greatest success will be when she will participate in the Balkan conference on women’s rights.

Let me be clear: there is no judge of this world that will be able to dismiss the accusation, “woman” only because of lack of evidence. At least not if they are born by a woman. To all who are not of this world such woman wishes them a happy marriage. Ma-rr-ied woman is a man half-man half-woman. The mermaid does that with fish …

In the animal world there are no women. There are instincts. Hols and filling holes. There are nests, herds and  packs. In the world of minerals there are crystals. The fact that a woman is something like mineral water without no man can live is true, it is not just advertising. 

A “woman” is the crystallization of man. On March 8, the crystal has the form of a flake.

A woman like Maradona can score a goal with high heels (High Hills).

A woman like Tarantino can try other than Uma Thurman, who will say: Liv Ullmann.

Some like it hot: a woman like Marilyn Monroe squats in each of us, the men. Monica Bellucci does not squat. She stands.

A woman is that tiny little piece of space in the body of the man who makes her overcome her narcissism and allows his beloved to be “on top”. A pussy whipped is not someone that allows a woman to be on top, a pussy whipped is the greatest gift that a woman can give to herself. Peace at home, peace in the world.

The health and happiness of the women do not come from slippers but from her uterus. The Oracle of Delphi creates its visions from there. A woman is some kind of mix of all of that: uterus, vision and prophecy.

A woman, those are the extra bicycle pedals that the child throws away after it learns to ride. A woman is just slightly more than a wheel.

A woman is always asymmetric when her husband wants to check his size inside of her. She just let’s him.