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According to the Prespa Agreement, Greece will be able to block us whenever it wants

Macedonia to accept what the Greeks will demand and further humiliate itself, whenever a Greek prime minister needs to improve his rankings at home, he will block the next chapter in the EU negotiations process, which means that we will never finish the EU negotiations, VMRO-DPMNE Vice-President Aleksandar Nikoloski said on Klan TV’s  Klan Debate show.

He stressed that this will happen because according to the agreement, Greece has the right to veto the opening of each next chapter in the process of Macedonia’s negotiations with the European Union, if it is dissatisfied with the reports that will be submitted in June and December each year.

With this agreement Macedonia will never become a member of the EU, because Greece will never allow this, that is, we will become the second Turkey, we will always be in the process of negotiation, but we will never become a member, stressed Nikoloski.