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Aggression and conflict


Columnist: Aco Stankovski

Following the explosive phenomena of disintegration, caused by the strong influence of separation and chaos, or – more precisely – the fantastic effect of centrifugal forces which betoken a state of radical system shift and establishment of new order, a completely new opposite mechanism for motivation and propulsion takes place unannounced and unexpectedly. It is the force that comes from the outside, from the world or all that is not physical, psychological, even societal unpredictable spontaneous drive – implosion. The action causes reaction, and this fathom works in all directions. The external factor is irritated by disruption of the regime, which has been established in the name of harmony and peace, whose maintenance requires enormous energy and planning, resources and possibilities. Therefore, this exterior force act oppositely to expansion of separatism and chaos. Hence, entities of the explosive separation and forces of disintegration snap back to emanation of intolerance and aggression. But, this amusing state is completely unstable since forces aiming to repel the external factor work at unstoppable power. They push from everywhere and press separated systems into a horrible, internal world, in which space shrinks, while anger grows to insanity. So, conflict becomes inevitable, consequences become disastrous. Mater loses its shape, energy constructions which invigorate the identity and maintain it in a dynamic existence, fall apart and disappear, transforming into chaotic energy constellation and material waste. Naturally, nature and spirit have their own solution for any state of mater, energy and consciousness. Consciousness seen as an entity.

If we these abstract projections to society, we shall undoubtedly face horrible riots, wars and destruction. The ambient, filled with unthinkable aggression and conflicts, leaves nothing but ruins behind and destroy in a blink of an eye everything of a value created for decades by millions of persons in a synchronized creating activities. Those are images of decadence, a result of a frenetic destructive activity, which does not seem to be stopping. This states are irritating to the point of bringing the participant to insanity. Such madness dictates destructive or self-destructive behavior, which sooner or later swims to the surface with shocking and unthinkable fierceness. As a frenetic danse macabre, Shiva’s dance. Displays of destruction, colossal and striking. Those are two realities, which penetrate one into another with fatal consequences. A frightening ruins of leftovers of the consistent paradigms, ideals, perceptions, laws and factography. It is an undesirable and mournful reality, horrible pile of garbage, which loses sense in all levels, especially the level of functionality and axiomatic system of values, thrown away and replaced and radiates anxiety and paranoia. Only the most bloodthirsty stubbornness, harnessed in the survival psychotic strategy of conquering the empty spaces, regardless of consequences on tradition, aesthetics, ethics and commonsense, might dog out some motivation for action, which falls into crisis due to the absurdity of the actions themselves. In that manner, the practical mind replaces strategy with tactics, and lack of neither ideological perspectives nor any idealistic teleology turns one into an actor of the inconsolable and hopeless desperation.

Eventually, it is only the eye of an artist that can look into this piles of abhorrence and to seek creative motivation in them. I should not elaborate too much, take a look at art history and compare it to political history of certain cultures. References point out to that direction. Politics creates and destroys; these two actions are usually synchronous. However, regardless of the euphoric and disastrous consequences of political influences and processes, art has always been here to shape up all these absurdities and realities. Only artistic expertise and treatment point out and value the unscrupulous, inertial, banal, disgusting and destroyable. Normally, trivial and boring stringing of factography, in terms of synchronization and diachrony, is horrible raping of the audience and consumers of such displays. However, art is here to help when all mechanisms of rationality quit after the strike of ephemera and depressive effects of the painful and uninventive repetition of the reality fathom. Art revives the point of existence through game and impartiality. Through the irrational, which is also space for inspirational combinatorics and a glance in infinite possibilities.