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Agriculture Ministry adviser fired because he was critical of Government farm policies

цветан трипуновски

Cvetan Tripunovski, adviser at the Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Ministry and member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee, was fired because of his public criticism of the Zaev Government’s agriculture policy.

– Cvetan Tripunovski was fired not because of something he did at his job, but because, in his free time, as member of VMRO-DPMNE, he was expressing criticism of the failures of the current agriculture minister Ljupco Nikolovski and was proposing measures which will improve farmer incomes. Tripunovski was fired because in August he notified the public that 20.000 tons of plums were rotting unsold and that the farmers were facing financial ruin with prices as low as 12 denars per kilogram. He was also fired because in September he alarmed the country on the decision to allow the production and sale of genetically modified rice in Macedonia, said Igor Janusev, VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General.

Janusev said that the official explanation of his firing was that Tripunovski was “damaging the reputation of the Ministry”.

– SDSM lied that it will ensure markets for our farming products to win votes in the pre-election campaign, and now farmers see their crops rotting in the fields. Apple, plum, watermelon, wheat, cabbage, tomato and rice farmers felt the darkness which Zaev and Nikolovski have brought to our country. We will not be intimidated and neither will the farmers. SDSM must go before the damage they do is irreversible, Janusev said.