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Agustín Almodóbar: Gruevski is an example for many politicians in Europe

It is a pleasure to personally see the great progress that you have achieved for Macedonia to become an advanced country and one of the most desirable in years to come. An extraordinary country with great potential and people that in cold conditions manage to progress. You have a huge potential and a very promising future, but it is necessary all of you to come out and vote on Sunday. Invite your relatives and friends to vote for this country and party, Spanish Senator from the European People’s Party, Agustín Almodóbar said at VMRO-DPMNE’s rally in Skopje’s Centar.

The policy of your party follows the model of European ideals just as Spain is led by Rajoy’s People’s Party, and that is to fight for new jobs and future for all, especially the youth, he said.

Providing basic conditions, such as health care and education that will bring educated future generations. Supporting enterprises in sectors that have the greatest potential to contribute to opening new jobs for Macedonia to be attractive European country, such as the tourism sector. I come from a country that annually has over 70 million tourists and believe me when I say that supporting this sector means development and modernization of the country. But not only support for tourism or any other production sector, but also for the vision that the members of the European People’s Party have and which will bring future prosperity of Macedonia, said Almodóbar.

Your success in economic growth and employment, achieved in the terrible years of European crisis, is recognized and praised by everyone, he said.

For Spain, Macedonia is a friendly country in which we trust, with which we have much in common, with which we maintain close relations since 1994 when we established diplomatic relations. During these years, our ties are have strengthened and stand on a solid foundation and we share the same principles and beliefs. We have always supported Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic integration. Spain is represented in Macedonia by several excellent and highly competitive companies. There is also a great chance to increase our presence. Europe needs Macedonia that is strong and firm, that handles serious challenges and has beneficial policies for your citizens such as your realistic and achievable proposals that protect all citizens in the country, he said.

We are a symbol that represents the whole of Europe. It’s future is guaranteed and everywhere we rule there is prosperity, as in Spain with leader Rajoy. Just as it needs to be on Sunday in Macedonia with your leader Gruevski. I have no doubt that Gruevski will be the best at carrying on to contribute for you with hard work and commitment  because there are real projects and policies for better life for all. He has our full support because he has shown that his leadership has yielded excellent results. Gruevski is a man of his word with excellent projects and committed to move Macedonia closer to NATO and EU and he is an example for many other European politicians. Therefore all vote on Sunday and win, said Almodóbar.