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Air pollution kills 1.000 Macedonians each year


An estimated 1.000 Macedonian citizens die each year due to the extremely high level of winter time air pollution. This estimate was made according to data provided by the European Environmental Agency, said the leading opposition VMRO-DPMNE party.

– The Government showed it doesn’t have a solution for this problem. SDSM promised a specific plan to tackle air pollution if they take over the Government, but now we see that they have no such thing. SDSM doesn’t have a plan, or the will, to deal with the enormous levels of pollution and Macedonian citizens have seen through Zaev’s pre-election lies and manipulations, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release, which adds that the extremely small amount of 1.5 million EUR allocated in the budget to deal with the problem is lower even than the amount spend on lubricants for the gay population.

– If the Government really wants to tackle the problem it would introduce subsidies of up to 50 percent for the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles in the bigger cities, VMRO-DPMNE said.

Heating homes with wood, coal and even plastic is believed to be the main cause of air pollution, which is made worse by the lack of wind over winter and poor city planning. A major push to introduce gas heating into the country is in doubt as questions have been raised over the reliability of gas supplies in the complicated geo-political environment in Europe. Government officials are under heavy criticism after the Environment Minister rudely dismissed journalist questions about the issue, his deputy fell asleep in Parliament as the problem was being debated, while Skopje Mayor was seen playing games on his phone during the same debate.