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Albanian Theatre performs “Danton’s death” at Ohrid Summer Festival


Skopje-based Albanian Theatre performed theatre play “Danton’s death” play by Georg Büchner and directed by Bosnian director Dino Mustafic Sunday evening within Ohrid Summer Festival at Culture Centre Grigor Prlicev.

Georg Büchner (1813-1837) wrote his first piece in 1835 in the golden ages of German romanticism, at a mere 22 years of age, and only 2 years before his untimely death. This exact piece was “Danton’s death”.

In abundance of revolutionary ideas, this drama also shows the doubt of the success of revolutionary changes. It asks the question-when a revolution ends. Hence, the drama focuses of the interpersonal relationship of the revolutionaries and the clash between Danton and Robespierre and their views on how the state should be organized after the revolution. Danton is portrayed as a decadent man, hedonistic but his political views are liberal and tolerant. Robespierre on the other hand swears on his decency and his clean conscience while killing everyone with a different opinion- justifying that decency must rule with the help of terror.

Because of this existential fatalism, this “revelation” drama of a young 20 year old man makes it incredibly new and unique. “Dante’s death” uses numerous documentary facts, it uses real time quotes and in the time it was written it took more than 60 years for it to see the lights on stage. Today this piece is considered to be the early predecessor of documentary theatre, writes the dramaturg Zeljka Udovicic-Pleshtina.

Dino Mustafic (1969) is a graduate of the Department of Direction at Sarajevo’s Academy of Performing Arts, and holds a second degree from the Department of General Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy. His directing engagements have taken him around Europe in Paris, Sofia, Belgrade, Tirana, Ljubljana, Skopje, Pristina, Podgorica etc. He has directed over 80 titles of classical and contemporary writers. He is a prolific author of documentaries that have been featured at the festivals for documentaries in Montreal, Amsterdam, Istanbul, etc.