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Aco Stankovski

“Anagrams for self-recognition” is the title of the latest artistic undertaking of our great artist of photography Aleksandar Georgiev, in which this distinguished author brings all those wonderful and mysterious experiences that hid themselves in him throughout his long and variable multi-polar approach and expertise of photographic practice, which extrapolates it in this very artistic concept to the heights of a curious, psychedelic and surreal poetics.

In fact, this outstanding photographer and artist performs from the positions of his huge body of work through which he passes through all possible experiences of the photographic medium. From the photograph of the moment, through the celebration of documentarism and the marking of the current socio-political moments that will later turn into history, his recent exhibition, Aleksandar Georgiev presents him as a real and serious poet of the visual, using its standard medium – the photography, building and expanding the digital technology and introducing it in the areas of multidisciplinarity.

An artist matures and in a moment he ascends to a new reality which is summarized in a poetic vision with esoteric connotations, and which needs special guidance to be acknowledged or contemplated, precisely because that part of the marvelous metamorphosis, which the author witnesses, contains the key to decoding this reality quite different from the conventional.

That is why this esoteric, almost alchemist title – “Anagrams for self-recognition”, in which Aleksandar Georgiev establishes his mysterious labyrinth of experiences and precognition, of wanderings and findings, of defeats and triumphs, of chaos and harmony. Behold, therefore, with this airtight title Aleksandar Georgiev approaches toward our perceptive mechanisms and spiritual potential, in order to cause a kind of a storm in our souls, a storm that comes as the need for reconsideration of the entrenched views of things, distortion of the stereotypes of understanding, a mess in our conventions and routines, but also to tell us the hidden truth which is often knows to be scary, paranoid and unacceptable, but it is here, next to us, at any time, whether we like it to admit or not.

In the phenomenon of anagrams there is a reversal of the paradox. The reverse order of reading the text often can construct a new phenomenon out of the old, which initiates diametrically opposed references. That is the very point of this artistic and poetic staging of this artist, to reshape our convention and to take us deep into the essence of its genesis.

“The roots of a lotus flower, that flower of spirituality, extend into the mud ” – say Zen teachers from the Far East. So as the artist and poet – Aleksandar Georgiev, leads us to the very foundations of appearance, deconstructing it and turning it into an eruption of colors from beyond recognition, but effective energy in bursts of pure emotion and so, uplifting this real or if you want – realistic mass of everyday life and historical banality in pure poetry.

Sure, it is not a simple process. To turn lead into gold – as the medieval alchemists did it, and triviality in aesthetic outburst, as artists of all times and cultures did it, requires a huge commitment, but also a fanatical, almost manic dedication.

And that is the moment of self-recognition in anagrams, no, actually, a lifetime technique that is taught and never learned in all of its challenges that are endless, as the Universe, but in a sudden abandonment of that consistency, which seems to want to enslave us with all those endless combinations and exhausting process of formal perfection.

The lucid nature of Aleksandar Georgiev, the artist-photographer, he has well understood this, in a manner of a discerning master of spirituality, he makes that amazing twist, as an in unexpected so in fascinating way, turns the defect into effect and the effect in pure poetry.