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Angjusev at the Summit100 of SEE business leaders in Belgrade

Vice Premier for Economic Affairs Koco Angjusev called Monday in Belgrade for the countries in the region to work together on lifting the administrative trade barriers and establish a common market.

The Macedonian government’s policies for building good-neighborly relations and strong commitment for the country to join the European Union and NATO yields results, being reflected by the growing foreign investments in the country, Angjusev said at the panel on ‘Regional Cooperation, Challenges and Perspectives’ within the Summit 100, which brings together business leaders of South East Europe.

Thanking to the government policies sixteen companies this year only have launched investment projects in Macedonia, which is a respectable number for such a small country, Angjusev said.

He called on the countries of the region to work on the integration with the EU for their companies to be more competitive on the global market.

‘We must be on equal level with EU members to be more competitive and therefore we must focus on the EU-integration. The companies of the region cannot compete with the ones within the EU if the member states grant 50-70% of subsides for their technological development. Therefore the EU integration of the countries in the region is a must. We should all put the history behind, open up and seek for areas for cooperation,’ Angjusev said.

He also called on SEE countries to establish a common energy market.

“If we work together, we shall be more successful, attractive for the European Union,’

The main topic of the two-day Summit 100 in Belgrade – a regional gathering of business leaders and highest state officials of the countries of the region is digital transformation and the best way to take advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a springboard and a ‘quantum leap to a developed region.

Summit 100 is the first gathering of this kind in the region, designed to be a strong, cohesive voice of economic cooperation and, for the regional business leaders to make a tangible contribution toward improving business relationships and competitiveness of the entire region, say organizers.

The event is initiated by the Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) in cooperation with Manager’s Association from Slovenia (ZM), Croatian Employers’ Association (HUP) and Atlas Foundation from Montenegro, Alkaloid a.d. from Macedonia, BBI Bank and ASA Holding d.o.o. from Bosnia and Herzegovina.