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Angjusev urges his companies’ co-owners to withdraw applications for Government’s Economic Growth Plan funding measures


Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Koco Angjusev urged co-owners of his companies to reconsider decision and to withdraw applications for funds of Government’s Economic Growth Plan.

“Economic Growth Plan is a model based on Government’s economic policy for growth and development of companies which are provided with fair conditions and equal treatment for all. The entire process is crystal clear – transparent criteria, clearly defined conditions and fair opportunity for all that will meet the requirements – and these are the principles upon which we built the economic growth programme. I am certain that the economy created to support development of companies is a successful economy offering higher salaries and better citizens’ standard of living,” Angjusev told MIA.

He pointed out that he is a partial owner of several companies in the Republic of Macedonia employing over 1.000 people.

“All the companies in which I share ownership develop independently and export finished products on the markets in the EU and the US, thus largely contributing to country’s GDP. All this has been reported neatly in the questionnaire on property status. According to the law, after I assumed the post of Deputy Prime Minister, I respected it completely, I withdrew from managerial positions in the companies and as I promised I sold the EDS company,” Angjusev said, urging the institutions to check this.

“I cannot to stop it and to influence the decisions made by the dominant owners. I don’t see any reason why employees in companies in which I have share, due to my position should be discriminated. However, due to the erosion of values and the distorted perception that has accumulated over the last 10 years in conditions of non-transparent governance, the public is understandably sensitive. Therefore, I urged my fellow co-owners to reconsider the decision and to withdraw from applying for funds for measures of Government’s Economic Growth Plan,” Angjusev said.