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Appointment of pro-Government editor as head of the ZNM journalism association sparks heated arguments


Journalists from the Telma and Kanal 5 TV stations have condemned the election of Mladen Cadikovski, editor in chief of TV 24, as head of the Journalist Association of Macedonia (ZNM). These stations supported the candidacy of Stole Naumov from the Kanal 77 radio station, but Cadikovski got the support of outgoing ZNM President Naser Selmani.

Both Cadikovski and Naumov are pro-Government candidates and they clashed over the weekend, when only 175 of the alleged 750 ZNM members attended the congress. Cadikovski won 86 votes, while Naumov got 77 but he refused to accept the outcome, saying that Cadikovski failed to get the necessary half of the votes.

ZNM banned inactive members from voting and some journalists claimed that this is a way for Selmani to help Cadikovski get elected. Selmani responded by citing the election of his predecessor, current Government Minister Robert Popovski, who he said “was elected by 15 people at a secret meeting in the ski resort of Mavrovo”.

– The Telma director and his band want to persuade us that 15 votes by politically appointed journalists in 2006 are more valuable than 175 votes at a secret ballot. Saki (Telma director Atanas Kirovski) never condemned the so-called Congress in Mavrovo, Selmani wrote while fighting running battles on his social media accounts over the weekend with journalists from Telma and Kanal 5 while various pro-Government journalists and editors joined in, taking sides in the argument.

Kirovski responded that the failure of ZNM to get more delegates to attend the congress shows that the association is losing relevance and added that if they wanted to, the large TV stations like his and Kanal 5 could’ve easily swung the vote.

ZNM is one of the two large associations of journalists in Macedonia and the SDSM led Government has made it its main partner in preparing media regulation which is meant to incerase regulatory control over freedom of speech.