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Art should be limitless, says actress Anica Dobra

Serbian film and stage actress Anica Dobra is a special guest of the 3rd KineNova International Film Festival, where she will be recognized for her special contribution to the film industry on opening night (Friday) in Skopje.

The 2010 film ‘Woman with a Broken Nose” will be screened in her honor on Saturday as part of the annual event ‘White Night’.

Dobra, one of the stars of Yugoslav cinema, thanked for the award and called it ‘an ode to film and everyone in the film industry.’ “Especially because today more than ever films should tackle issues of present day in order through film to reach audiences everywhere. In this sense, this award for me bears a lot of meaning and I’m honored,” she told a news conference on Thursday in Skopje, where she said she felt as home and among friends.

The 55-year old actress answered questions about the state of art 30 years ago, her work in movies and theater and her career in Germany.

Dobra said that today censorship and self-censorship was stronger than in the 1980s and 1990s.

“Freedom is what we make it. People have choices and they are what they think they are. Therefore, movies and creativity today are more important than ever. I believe we have freedom and we carry it with us. Art should not have limits, it is its goal,” said Dobra.

KineNova, a festival that focuses on works by up-and-coming artists, opens on Friday evening with the premiere of ‘Mocking Christ”, the debut feature by Jani Bojadzi. It is part of the festival’s official selection along seven other films. It closes on October 10.