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Babylon Best Young Translator Award 2018 winners to be announced


In celebration of the European Day of Languages 2018, winners of the Babylon Best Young Translator Award will be announced on Wednesday.

The annual translation competition, organized by the Delegation of the European Union in cooperation with MATA Translators’ Association, was established in 2013 to motivate and promote young translators, as well as to encourage excellence in translating literary works from European languages into the languages spoken in the country.

The awards will be given to the winners by Freek Janmaat from the EU delegation; Ognena Nikuljski, translator and president of MATA; Kalina Maleska, author and translator, and Ljubica Arsovska, translator and editor in chief of the Kulturen život quarterly.

Also presented at the awards ceremony will be the criteria for the 2019 Babylon Best Young Translator Award.