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Baily: US support to Macedonia remains unchanged


The US support to Macedonia remains the same and will not change, US Ambassador Jess Baily said Wednesday at US Presidential Elections morning event that took place at the press centre in Skopje-based Aleksandar Palace Hotel.

Campaigns are highlighting differences while post election period in the USA is usually time of coming together. And now when the campaign has ended, we from the Embassy and the Administration will get back to our work on building good relationship between Macedonia and USA, Baily said.

Good future looks similar to many of us. People from Macedonia and US are alike; we want prosperity and good education for their children, as well as peace and progress in the world. We will not of course always agree on how to get there but will agree that the goals are the same, Baily said.

Every four years in the US we celebrate something special, the right to elect our leader, it’s a right that is in the very foundation of our state, right for which people fought, struggled and died. This campaign produced some noise but most important thing was that the US citizens gave their right thus making their voice heard, Baily said.

We take voting seriously, choosing a president is serious business and for all the noise of the campaign it is also be campaign dealing with issues that affect the lives of real people, the economy, trade, immigration, health care, terrorism, and US engagement in the world, he said.

He said that US voters choose 435 members of the Congress, 34 senators and numerous local officials.

In my career 31 years I served 15 years under Republican-led administration and 16 years under Democrat-led Administration, he underlined.