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Before the challenges of the 21st century


Prof. Jovanka Kepeska PhD

A few days ago, the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MASA) held a conference dedicated to the geostrategic and geopolitical position of the country during the migrant and refugee crisis. Giving a very impressive overview of the present moment of the refugee crisis and its routes, President Ivanov said that the reason for the new migration in the world is not merely the war in Syria, as only 20% of the refugees come from Syria and the battlefields, but it is also the search for better living conditions of the people from Africa and Asia, who are migrating. In that regard, the phrase that expresses that situation, that the African continent is waking up, is illustrative. Moreover, referring to the resolution of the refugee and migrant crisis and the engagement and the approach of Europe at the moment, he pointed to the necessity of creating a plan, something like a new “Marshall Plan” in order to change the living conditions in the countries which the migrants come from.

His plea, also had, basically, visionary width upon which, it would be expected, to direct the research. On that occasion and with that purpose was signed the Memorandum of cooperation between the Center for Strategic Research at MASA and the Institute for Geostrategic Research and Foreign Policy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Looking at the challenges of the era, President Ivanov assumed the need to find new answers other than those in the 20th century that still does not lead to resolving the current issues and the migrants crisis. A the new, the 21st century we live in, must include a change in ourselves. Just as the Greek polis, meaning the political community of the people and the community of people as political beings to be outweighed by the cosmopolitan approach and by the new philosophical directions.

In the 21st century, the philosophy needs to provide new answers to overcome the attributes of the political community and the international relations as relations of nations, states, transforming them into relations between peoples as the basis of cosmopolitanism.

The inevitable approach, however, remains that would be through the most important philosophical thought that one can talk about the overturn of the human being that could happen. Or, as they say, with the help of the thought, the situation can be recovered. That is how politics and political science can provide the organization of life at the same time overcoming the antagonisms arising from the social conditions of the life of individuals derived from exploiting and consuming characteristic of society. Therefore, according to the philosophical method, although metaphysics is done, it is not invalid. The critical approach to the material and the spiritual reality, lifting means keeping as well, and then elevation of the content to a higher level in the sense that acceptable criticism is the one that exceeds with conscience how to finish off the old situation, according to the material conditions and comprehensively perceived practice.

And what, for us, of course, has meaning is that the political principle and its categories (state, nation, forms of political systems), today, cannot be bypassed because they will provide the framework for resolving the refugee and migrant crisis.

The urgent task of criticism that should be carried out on society and forms of consciousness, in order to overcome the hypnotized awareness of society and create a self-conscious action, acting in all segments of reality on knowledge, remains as inevitable.

It is crucial, though, the opinion of Martin Heidegger who suggests that the task before the era is to exceed the new century’s produced essence of the technique, as a fundamental issue, which reduces life to counting, accuracy. And with regard to what the social (and political) organization of society is established on. And although radical and rapid change in overcoming such reality is not possible, he said the process will take perhaps centuries, it remains the task of thinking to do the preparation of such a reversal.

Vanja Sutlic speaks about where such reversal leads to. According to him, the assumptions are made in the present. And what needs to be done is to get rid of the closed form, raising to a higher level. As action in integrity, overcoming the cognitive of what is physical and only after it is done, to be its realization.