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Bishop Peter: We will ban Twitter as well

vladika petar

After the ban on the priests and other clergymen to use “Facebook”, in an interview for “Nova TV“, bishop Peter said that the Macedonian Orthodox Church could ban the usage of “Twitter” if it is concluded that indecent content is written there.

Bishop Peter supported his statement by saying that 2 years ago some of the people who work through the eparhies, and are not clergymen continued to misuse “Facebook” although it has been banned to be used among the clergymen and the monks in the Eparhy of Prespa and Pelagonija. Bishop Peter pointed out that such decision is implicated after the decision of the Russian church.

The main problem is that there are happening some inappropriate things, a lot of stuff which are promoted are indecent, full with pornography, and there are people who engaged in that. People address us, the clergymen, with trust, and that is why they can be misused, this a huge network we are talking about”, says bishop Peter.