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Blaze Ristovski selected works promoted


Selected works by academician Blaze Ristovski in ten volumes were promoted in the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU) on Thursday, on occasion of his 85. birthday and 60 years of academic work. Matica Makedonska is the publisher, supported by the Ministry of Culture.

The volumes refer on Macedonian history, literature, folklore, Slavic literacy and Christianity, state formations in Macedonia in the Middle Ages, renaissance period and struggle for renewal of the Ohrid Archbishopric etc.

Ristovski studies the Macedonian cultural-­national development, work of Macedonian educators, renaissance men, collectors of folk works.

“This is the first selection of my work and I am extremely satisfied by it. The selection contains everything that refers to the emergence, development and affirmation of Macedonian national thought and action. It includes national history, literature, language, folklore, ethnography, Balkan politics, development of Macedonian awareness, especially in the 19th and 20th centuries, up to the establishment of the Macedonian state”, said academician Ristovski.

According to him, Macedonia is a young country, as well as its science.

“I believe we know little about ourselves, but those outside of Macedonia know even less. This is our big problem, because the world does not know the truth about us, the problems we have not only with out neighbors, but in general. We must affirm the Macedonian truth, but on real grounds, without getting carried away, truly representing Macedonia’s image and the people over the course of history”, added Ristovski.

Ristovski is the author of 70 books and over 1,300 articles in academic magazines. Besides promotion of the volumes, the event included the opening of an exhibit of his works published over the past 60 years.