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Aco Stankovski

The blindness among our intellectual and political elites is terrible, which as if hypnotized, despite all the facts and the reality that is imposed regardless of the wishes and that irrefutably shows the real situation on the ground, still continue to cluck in choir about the need of our country at all costs to integrate into NATO and the EU.

As anyone with pro-common sense intellect, regardless of the academic title or life experience, sees that these two organizations are deadly inclined towards Macedonia’s sovereignty, especially towards the identity of the Macedonian people, however, many of the spokesmen strongly mesmerized and in accordance with their not in the least healthy mental state and, despite everything, despite the subversives from these two “rumbling” global and oppressive political-military creations, and conspire further association with them, even if it is after the largest price for the residents of our country.

What is, actually, happening in the minds of these wretched and slimy creatures that can’s see what even the sparrows on the City Park tree branches know?

Of course, some of them, the so-called elite segment of this amoral fellowship of apologists from the most miserable provenance, are incurably corrupt. The latter, though, the larger part, the pro- lackeys are scared to defecation in their cowardly skirts, and what remains of this pack of schmuckс supports these two non-rational and manipulative organizations in decay, for pure inferior and compensatory reasons.

So, being a part of the EU and NATO guarantees you a decent and dignified, peaceful and prosperous life, they think, but that is not like that at all and could not be so, because these observations and, above all, unrealistic wishes, are not in line with the truth that neither philosophers nor the gods can go against to.

In fact, all these choirs of insane and super ambitious opportunists, are completely lost in all contemporary political and geostrategic processes, but they are not aware of their lost condition or, perhaps, they do not want to have any awareness, because at that moment, when they get out of the fatal hypnotic influence of the authority of NATO and the EU, they will fall into an unprecedented internal mental and emotional conflict that will completely destroy their positions of influence on social structures and they will find themselves in a grotesque and utterly miserable situation of totally negated and incompetent idiots that nobody gives a jot about.

There, that is the strategic reason for their sinking deeper into the swamp of ignorance. But within their capos there is, though tortuous, an extremely parrot compulsion to repeat the long deconstruct illusion of the invincibility and the perfection of, to me these two dilapidated filthy containers of contemporary history of Western civilization – NATO and the EU, which sooner or later will find themselves in the damp, compiled from all possible humane and fair processes in the world that are, simply, inevitable.

However, the synthesis of corruption and fear is the main agent of slimy and undignified political leaders in our society that still successfully deceive the Macedonian public with their idiotic rhetoric for morons.

This specifically applies to opposition political leaders, in which every legalist and righteous Macedonian sees concentration of the worst and the poorest and, of course the most moral features that can be found in those failed human beings that we need to pity more than to condemn. But, their almost demonic audacity hinders this humane right to help them, even just a bit, through our God- given empathy. Here, in fact, the care about the other, who fell under the influence of an terrible and hellish power is minimized because of the aggressiveness of these beastly minded protagonists, of these quislings and mercenaries of both vain organizations in irreversible decay – NATO and the EU.

Probably, that is why they are so persistent, facing the truth will take all their horrendous sins on the surface, and with that tormented scene before their own worldview, life turns into hell of a mess.

There, that’s why they are so convulsively fighting for their fata morganas, the EU and NATO, because without them they become a consumed toilet paper of the great inhuman game of hegemony, which in recent decades left a huge mess on the world geopolitical scene with their gigantic diarrhea of self-love , inhumanity and total absence of fairness.

Now, after all events, they line up before the world and the local community as if on a film tape, when it becomes crystal clear that the hegemony of NATO and the EU is running low, and that no trace of moral, nor , bead of sense and respect for humanity has left from these two organizations, our plucked parrots have nothing figured in their treacherous and completely missed life agendas, they should patronizingly and repentantly retreat into their holes and finally, not to poison the atmosphere with their false expertise and pompous and completely empty authorities. It’s time to disappear.