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Blocked streets, enhanced police presence in Kumanovo

epa04739590 A man shows his ID card to a police officer in Kumanovo, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, during a coordinated police action against an armed group in the region on 09 May 2015. Unofficial sources claim three officers were injured, without police confirmation during the ongoing action that started early in the morning 09 May.  EPA/GEORGI LICOVSKI

Part of Kumanovo streets have been blocked, along with enhanced police force in the town’s center.

Key facilities, state and local institutions are located in this part of the town, while daily routine is ongoing.

Minister of Interior Spokesman Ivo Kotevski told MIA that security measures are being undertaken in Kumanovo.

The gunfight, which broke out on Saturday and Sunday in a south-­western part of the city of Kumanovo left eight Macedonian police officers killed and 37 wounded. Fourteen terrorists were killed, while 30 surrendered during the fighting and were detained.