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Borisov: Poor Macedonia has paved refugee centers, while in Greece there are horrifying conditions


Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov blamed Greece for taking steps that put Bulgaria in danger of being affected by the migrant crisis. Borisov also blamed Greece for disastrously bad conditions at refugee camps on its territory, citing Macedonia as a much better example at how refugee centers should be run.

“The Greek Government has failed to take measures for months. The deployment of NATO ships in the Aegean has also failed to bring results. Macedonia is poor, but there the refugee centers are covered with grovel and concrete, and have play areas for children. Meanwhile Greece took in millions and still can’t register anybody and their camps are horrifying”, Borisov said, asked in Parliament about what his Government is doing to prepare to tackle the migrant crisis.

Bulgaria, Borisov added, wants to see the anti-terror law that is proposed adopted as soon as possible, believing that this will overcome all problems that the security system is currently experiencing. “There is good reason to be concerned. The world is under pressure. We have the summer holiday season coming, when we expect twice the number of Russian tourists. We are drafting plans for their security, similar to the ones we have about the Israeli tourists”, Borisov said in Parliament.