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Borissov threatened Zaev with a veto from Bulgaria on EU

“Everyone should be careful what they say, it’s to their own detriment”, Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Boyko Borissov, commented on the statement of his counterpart Zoran Zaev about the Macedonian character of the Ilinden Uprising.

“If he said it intentionally, or recklessly, again it’s to his own detriment. Because when he comes to the doors of the EU, we also need to give our consent and we will recall these things. My advice to all is to be more careful,” Borissov said.

Boyko Borissov’s reaction comes after Zoran Zaev’s interview with the channel “1 TV “ on August 4, where the Macedonian Prime Minister said: “The Ilinden uprising is Macedonian, and if a citizen of Bulgaria wants to, let him celebrate it.”