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Bribe case trial against SDSM leader Zaev cancelled yet again


Tuesday’s hearing in the trial against the SDSM leader and Strumica mayor, Zoran Zaev involving the case codenamed Bribe was cancelled once again.

Zaev arrived in the courtroom for the trial whereas his three lawyers were a no-show.

A judge set two dates, on December 2 and 20, for the next hearing.

After the cancellation of today’s hearing, the opposition leader failed to speak to members of the media.

The first hearing of the trial was scheduled on January 25. So far, the trial has been postponed three times – twice because Zaev had been on business trips and once because his lawyers had failed to show up.

According to the Public Prosecution, Zaev in his capacity as the mayor of Strumica demanded a local businessman pay him a bribe in amount of EUR 163,924 for a construction land in Strumica.

Zaev claims he has been aware the whole time that the Strumica businessman Ivan Nikolov-Sachevaliev had been trying to set him up. The SDSM leader filed criminal charges against him.