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Broken SDSM promises, parking fee hike, spark protest in largest Macedonian clinic


Employees at the largest Macedonian medical center – the Mother Teresa Clinic in Skopje – have entered into a third day of strikes sparked by the decision of the management to increase monthly parking fees from 300 to 800 denars (5 – 13 EUR).

– The parking decision was the last straw. We face many problems piled on over a long period of time and we demand they are urgently resolved. Our demands include faster pace of salary increases and linear pay raises, union representatives said.

The Clinic is notoriously difficult to get to by car. The previous VMRO-DPMNE led Government planned a major push to modernize the site, by building a large new section, but the SDSM led Government scrapped the project which was about to break ground, and is still looking for an alternative site where it wants to move the entire complex. SDSM also made many promises about dramatically larger salaries for medical professionals, and this is contributing to the anger in the Clinic.