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Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister wants Macedonians to become “good Bulgarians”


Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Krasimir Karakacanov said that Macedonians need to be turned into a “normal people” and “good Bulgarians”. Karakacanov, who is also the Bulgarian Defense Minister and leads the nationalist VMRO-BND party, recently warned Zoran Zaev that Macedonia won’t be able to join EU and NATO, where Bulgaria has veto power, unless he stops talking about the existence of a Macedonian language separate from the Bulgarian.

– I don’t want to be remembered in history as a fool who went out of his way to help a people, with good intentions, but they have a habit on the Macedonian side to say whatever. They need to come to their senses and become a normal people, or, shall I say, good Bulgarians, Karakacanov said in an interview.

He lamented divisions within the Bulgarian ruling coalition, which includes his nationalist bloc, saying that it is detrimental to making the most of the treaty which Macedonia signed with Bulgaria at the beginning of the year, which gives Bulgaria right to alter Macedonian history books.

– There is literally no progress in this historic commission. There is will to move forward from the Bulgarian side, but the Macedonian side keeps delaying. I don’t regret signing the treaty, it was a step forward, but Skopje needs to stop falsifying history, Karakacanov added.

Faced with his earlier statements, the Macedonian Foreign Affairs Ministry responded saying it will not reply in kind because it would create a negative spiral of hostility.

– We signed a treaty for friendly relations and we will build our friendship, but that includes mutual understanding, respect and care for the interests of the neighboring countries, the Ministry said.