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Charlie’s last conversation


Columnist: Budimka Popovska (nun Makrina)

Don’t check with the police, the conversation is fictitious.

Charlie: I miss you…

Igor: This has become more than just a game!

Boris: Game is over, guys!

Ksenija:  Somebody told on Hegel at the last party. Even the prophet is not IN anymore. We should come up with something that can increase the circulation, otherwise we close!

Charlie: The Pope?

Ksenija: Nooo!

The conversation is interrupted by an explosion. In the neighborhood, or? At that same time, the ad on the telop of a city bookstore reads:

Buy: “Not Afraid” from Nicolo Not-you-too! “Islam” from Michel Houellebecq

Ksenija is a secretary at the editorial. Her main responsibility is scanning the market and keeping track of the clicks on the most visited websites.

What tickles people nowadays?

From the revolution on, the French got used to not hitting the brake in their way of thinking. France is a country where you’re allowed to vilify so freely that even a Willy would be jealous. And his sons. This wordplay fits in well.

They also investigate behind the curtains: who created the cult religious characters and than trained the androids to believe they should be kept in the dark, fearing not to wake up sleeping characters of the other dimension? What if, in the moment of their awakening, you wish for something bad and, for instance, a bricks falls on your head?

Once the transcending technique was introduced and became popular, gods could no longer act fools and ignore people’s requests. People made the following valiant move: instead of filing requests and wait, they’ve decided to make one step up the ladder and reason like this: what would I have done if I was almighty?

Or: what would I have done if my powerlessness turned into power this very instant?

One thing is for sure: terrorism turned out to be the most influential PR of political agendas. It doesn’t matter whose side you’re on, it only matters that you’re in the center of the events, and the focus is where the fuse is the shortest and the spark turns into gunpowder.

Bear in mind that there are no emotions in politics. Just (in)sanity.  Terrorism is a powerful tool for causing false emotions of compassion. Just imagine all the tons of free-of-charge support in the media! For free.

How many tons? You mean, Toni Cetinski?

Ksenija: No, Charlie, I meant Ksenija Erker. But, we’ve already decided on the number…

There are no winners and losers in this type of clashes – such clashes have no beginning and end, they are just a bellclapper. They are perfectly fitted for those who are in the dark all the time – regardless of all the resolutions and declarations of freedom or peace.

Anyways, violence is only justified when in defense. Let’s say you’re defending your own integrity and sovereignty. Paradox No.1: if you have integrity and sovereignty, you have power: hence, no need to defend yourself because no one dares attack you. Is it ringing? Or exploding?

How many people on this planet currently sit on the graves of their beloved ones, mourning them? Can it be calculated how many tons, resentment, sorrow, vindictiveness, anger and bitterness are being sent as signals to the Universe? And is the winner decided according to their ability to exult after the massacre, on the opponent’s grave? Is it the one who has more tons of desire for revenge? Or the one who will hit his head stronger in the Wailing Wall? Whose wall is it anyways?