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Chavkov: SDSM formed pre-election parapolice

Let’s speak about the night when SPO raided MoI, or more precisely the premises of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK). What was Katica Janeva precisely looking for? Did she require specific information about the intercepted conversations that Zoran Zaev handed over to her or did she insist that all recordings including the cases that are still ongoing to be handed to her?

CHAVKOV: Until the moment Katica Janeva raided UBK I refrained from commenting on the work of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office although, as for the ordinary citizens, so for me, Janeva’s actions that left the impression of incompetence, bias and subjectivity in work were evident. I regret having to say that this impression came as no surprise for me, since the beginning, regardless of the fact that she was elected in Parliament with prior signature of the leaders of the four political parties, in general I was not optimistic that with her experience in prosecution of minor criminal offenses she can handle, perhaps, the most responsible and most sensitive job during the political crisis, a job that was supposed to provide and ensure objective, impartial and thorough research of all doubts allegedly arising from the content of the illegally obtained conversations that the opposition has released.

Apart from many cases of obvious prejudging guilt, Katica Janeva’s actions at the Interior Ministry, unfortunately, were just one of the many, which confirmed that her personal and professional integrity can not be a guarantee for fair and impartial management of the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

With her actions at MoI in order to obtain documents and computer data from UBK, although with a court order, she showed ignorance and unpreparedness and tremendously harmed the Interior Ministry and the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence, and, unfortunately, she also harmed the institution which she manages. No one in the Interior Ministry would call into question the cooperation with SPO, there have never been obstructions to its demands, on the contrary, there are numerous cases when its requirements were met on a daily basis once they were received and that can not disputed because there are facts. The theatrical raid in UBK was a consequence of ignorance and unpreparedness to implement the court order, ignorance of the objective and technical obstacles to the realization of part of the court order. However, the highlight of the tendentiousness, lack of serious approach and irresponsible behavior was the forming a committee by Oliver Spasovski, which was, inter alia, to get into the computer system and transfer data to an external data carrier, from the device that is not administered by UBK and especially requires assistance, which in itself is illegal and based on which illegally out of all procedures were involved members of the unit “Alfa”, for which the public was informed. With this act, the losers are SPO, MoI and, ultimately, the loser is the Republic of Macedonia.

Finally, when they realized that there are really objective obstacles to implement part of the court order, in order to justify their foolish actions, they decided to extend the drama with the physical presence of SPO representatives and duty roaster for several days at the premises of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence. But I have to be objective, probably when he realized his own mistakes and to amortize the drama Oliver Spasovski late at night, after two days of drama, met in MoI with Katica Janeva and her team and convinced them that their physical presence is pointless and unnecessary, and he gave a statement to the media, stressing that it was a misunderstanding.


Why did she need communications over which she has no authority and what is the real reason for the raid in your opinion?

CHAVKOV: It is a completely different question why did the court order include data about application of special investigative measures until 31 December, 2015, first of all, it is a period that is not the concern of SPO in accordance with its competences and, second, the data about the measures are part of ongoing investigations. When the fact was indicated they gave up requesting the data for that period, and their change of mind once again confirmed that they simply showed ignorance, that they were not prepared or that they were in a hurry and made a pretense of the circumstances or their intention was to create a perception in the public that UBK is obstructing the work of SPO.

Part of the public suspects that the communications that Janeva asked for include those related to the events that preceded Divo Naselje. Did the court order give her access to sensitive information of this kind?

CHAVKOV: I would not want to prejudge because the order also requested data about application of special investigative measures and ongoing cases of organized crime and terrorism, or whether they had any intention. Regardless of what it is, they have only harmed the Interior Ministry and, especially, the SPO as an institution that needs to complete its term until the end.

Has it been discovered who is behind the engagement of former members of the Alfa unit and what was their task? What were the automatic rifles meant to be used for?

CHAVKOV: I mentioned that the mere hiring of several teams from the Alfa unit is not only illegal, but also in this particular case is beyond common sense and dangerous with possibilities for unpredictable consequences because their commander, and recently investigator in the SPO, requested that they are armed with automatic rifles. We know with certainty that their commander and chief of the Skopje police department, also investigator in SPO, not only were informed but also they did not find it expedient to inform me as chief of the Public Security Bureau. After my reaction to the chief of the Skopje police department, the same dressed in tracksuits were immediately withdrawn. For that, of course, they will have to take responsibility, but I must take this opportunity to inform the Macedonian public that also in the future I expect to be illegal engagement of party soldiers serving in the Alfa unit to point out the dangers and risks to the functioning of the Macedonian police through about 140 party soldiers serving illegally, from the first to the last. Luckily, however, it is a small figure compared to around 9,000 professionals and regardless of the damage they do, still, we have built institutional and systemic capacities that this small group of party soldiers can not bring in jeopardy. But, I must emphasize that the very unlawful deployment and illegal nature of their work will leave deep scars in the system, the happy circumstance are, I repeat, the existing systemic capacities that many times have been confirmed in the past and are per se the defense for the tendencies for violation of the legally embedded standards.


How serious was the situation that night? How far from things getting out of control?

CHAVKOV: You know that there were reactions to my appearance in the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence, I showed up because members of the Public Security Bureau were involved, especially members of the Alfa unit and my reaction to the withdrawal of members of the special forces in tracksuits, which at that moment acted as parapolice, was crucial in preventing escalation of the situation. Katica Janeva, instead of being grateful for my contribution to reducing the tensions they had caused, she lied to the public that there were obstacles, and on top of her lies was her statement that she has thrown me out of the premises of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence, which absolutely does not correspond to the truth, but it talks about her personal and professional integrity. At the end the citizens of Macedonia will make an objective judgment about the actions of all of us as high ranking officials.

Some media have reported that recently an attempt to deliver a locator to one of the accused in Divo Naselje case was prevented – a device that later, probably was to be used in a possible attempt for escape. Do you have information about this event?

CHAVKOV: This question touches the reality of current issues related to the national security of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as issues related to regional security. Securing this terrorist structure in prisons and during court hearings is a special challenge for the security forces that in a highly professional manner, as before, are dealing with the challenges in terms of their intentions to escape as well as their expectations of external support for the implementation of their aim – to escape from justice. Many times before and during the last trial we have prevented and revealed attempts to deliver mobile phones and efforts to escape. But despite the hard blows on the Ministry caused by illegal changes, and violations of procedures and standards of work, I assure the public that, as before, we will not allow the Macedonian police to be dragged into clashing with each other nor with the citizens, and in fact we have already proved highly professional conduct in providing security during the so-called “Colorful revolution” when many times when we were humiliated and challenged in order not to be dragged into in the scenario of a small group of people who abused the peaceful protests of the many.

Can the Interior Ministry guarantee that the evidence against Zaev and Verushevski in the Coup case will be safe after taking over the documentation and conversations from the SPO, or that the originals will not be devalued and abused?

CHAVKOV: The existing institutional capacities are per se a guarantee that the evidence obtained in a legal manner and with strong integrity based on developed modern standards for police work, as well as the capacity of the department dedicated to combating cyber crime and computer forensics, and no one can question or devalue it. The scientific work methodologies, in fact, allow reconstruction of the beginning of the subversive actions of the group led by Verushevski while abusing the system for interception of communications, which, by the way, has a final judgment due to a settlement.


One of the goals of the opposition is by December 11 to discredit the reforms implemented in the Interior Ministry in the last ten years in order to justify all illegal actions that Spasovski has undertaken, which seriously endanger the work of the security system. What is the difference between MoI today and MoI ten years ago?

CHAVKOV: To explain the differences between MoI today and MoI ten years ago, believe me I would have to cover several issues of your magazine. Many times in opposing the harsh tendencies to discredit the Ministry, I have always pointed to the international awards and recognitions for the capacity and achievements of the Ministry. No will not list them again, I will only single out surveys on citizens’ trust in the police which are organized by the OSCE and are conducted every two years , as well a recent survey by a respected NGO, according to which, despite the two years of intense efforts to discredit the Ministry, yet, nearly 60 percent of the Macedonian citizens have confidence in the Macedonian police.

Do you expect new blows on the security system from inside the structures of SDSM in MoI?

CHAVKOV: I certainly expect that, they showed their first attempts at escalatio through illegal hiring of the Alfa unit, but also through illegal change at all levels in general, changes in disciplinary committees and many other actions that indicate to dishonest intentions. But once again I assure the public that I will strongly oppose such tendencies and in particular will prevent illegal involvement of party activists with illegal deployments in the electoral process for which we already have information.

You are one of the professionals in the Ministry of Interior that is a target of strong attacks from the SPO and SDSM. They announced criminal charges and boosted the black campaign against you. Are you worried about their attacks and threats?

CHAVKOV: I am not worried about black campaigns or threats with criminal charges at all, I remain strongly focused on defending the professional principles in the work of the Macedonian police and we will fiercely continue to fight against police and criminal ties that clumsily hide behind politics. In my career I have had many such examples of orchestrated tendencies, but those who have worked with me or those who know me, know that there is no force that can make me waver in the efforts for disclosure of the criminal links of the criminal underworld with the police, but also the links of the criminal underworld to politics.

By: Nenad Mircevski
Photo: Aleksandar Ivanovski