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Citizens of Skopje breathe polluted air in more than 100 days of the year


This year’s air in Skopje has been measured to be polluted in more than 100 days. The data including September, as MIA informs, show that in Gazi Baba Municipality the concentration of PM10 exceeded the limits for 110 days, in Lisice Munisipality 107, in Center Municipality near the rector’s office 68 and in Karposh Municipality 56. High concentrations of PM10 or suspended particles with a diameter smaller than 10 micrometers. The limits were exceeded also in October and beside the Skopje’s region, high concentrations have been recorded also in the Tetovo, Bitola and Kavadraci.

The maximum number of allowed days with exceeded values of suspended particles per year is 35, and measures should be taken if there are high concentrations in five consecutive days. When the values are exceeded, the authorities have the obligation to define measures for reducing the concentrations of polluting substances. The most important limited values for protection of health are the values given for the concentrations of the suspended particles and nitrogen dioxide. In Macedonia, the limited values for PM10 have been largely exceeded and the exceeding of the limited values of nitrogen dioxide mostly is possible in traffic areas. Th rest of the polluting substances do not exceed the limits that often.