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Company owned by SDSM supporting member of Parliament Krsto Mukoski wins public contract worth 680.000 EUR


A construction company owned by Boban Mukoski, brother of member of Parliament Krsto Mukoski, won a significant contract to maintain publicly owned property worth 680.000 EUR. This is the latest in a line of such contracts won by the Mukoski family after Krsto Mukoski, who is charged with “terrorism” by the SDSM led Government, abandoned the position of his former VMRO-DPMNE party and voted with SDSM to open the process to amend the Constitution.

VMRO-DPMNE accused its eight members of Parliament, who were promptly expelled from the party, that they voted with SDSM in order to receive amnesty from the charges most of them face, but also because they were offered significant bribes to “sweeten the deal”.


The contract was announced through the public information system and its signed between the public utility company tasked with managing numerous residential and commercial real-estate properties the Government has across the country. Atrium is the name of the Mukoski owned company which won the contract to work on properties in a dozen cities.