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Concessions for hunting grounds will be issued electronically


The concessions for hunting grounds in the country will be issued electronically. This is what the amendments of the Hunting Law accepted by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia grant, and the first electronic advert on giving from 20 to 30 hunting grounds under concession will be made public in 30 days.

This is what the spokesman of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Aleksandar Georgiev informed on today’s press conference.

According to him, this is the way to secure the transparency in the whole process without any influence on the human factor and subjectivity while choosing a concessioner.

-The point of these amendments is the introduction of a bond in the future actions for concession of the hunting grounds where an electronic auction will be applied. This is the way to reach a bigger transparency in the very process, bigger candidness and possibility for competition of bigger number of subjects. The possibilities for particular subjective behavior, voluntarism, protection are to be put aside but new and better conditions and possibilities for reaching higher prices for concession recovery fee which is in the interest of the entire society are to be created, because that fee that the concessioners continue to pay is used for the common needs of the society, said Georgiev.

The concession will last for 10 years for the smaller and 20 years for the bigger hunting grounds. The public advert will be published by the government, which will determine the minimal total for the concession recovery fee, and at the auction, the biggest price of the submitted offers will be taken into consideration.

Until the end of the year, besides the advert for the first 20 to 30 hunting grounds, there also will be an advert for 20 additional hunting grounds. There are 100 hunting grounds under concession at the moment.