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Constitutional Court refuses to decide whether the scandalous October 19th vote was legal


The Constitutional Court today refused to move forward a request submitted by the World Macedonian Congress to anull the vote on October 19th which opened the process to amend the Constitution with the aim to rename the Republic of Macedonia into the Republic of North Macedonia.

Judges Jovan Josifovski and Elena Goseva insisted that the Court takes the case, saying that they’ve often decided on far less significant matters. One of the issues is the number of members of Parliament needed to open the procedure – following the timed release of three members of Parliament from detention and alleged bribes and threats aimed at five more, the SDSM led majority reached 80 votes in Parliament. But the two thirds requirement of the 120 members needed to open the process is believed by many legal experts to be 81, and not just 80 votes.

Josifovski named examples when former Parliament Speakers, including those elected from and by SDSM like Stojan Andov and Tito Petkovski, insisted on 81 and not 80 votes, to meet the two thirds requirement.

– The Court must not run away from this issue. We need to determine the way in which Parliament can reach a two thirds majority, said judge Josifovski.

Ultimately, judges appointed by SDSM and the ethnic Albanian parties overruled Josifovski and Goseva and refused to move the request further.