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Construction sector continues to grow


Construction has been on the rise in recent years, as well as its share in the GDP, sad Monday the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, adding companies are operating well and open new jobs.

“It is good that the construction sector is engaged nationwide at regional roads and highways. This is the benefit we asked for – swift flow of commodities and services”, said Marja Petroska of the Chamber’s construction branch at today’s press conference.

She stressed the construction of road infrastructure would contribute to the development of rural tourism.

“The Government has secured the funds and the investments have been launched – reconstruction of motorway Veles-Skopje, construction and reconstruction of several regional and local roads, health, housing, industrial and sports facilities. The railway sections to Bulgaria and Greece will also be built”, said Petroska, adding total investments amount to EUR 860 million.

Regarding grey economy, she said it cannot be easily registered or assessed.

“We cannot assess the number of non-registered workers who contribute to the rise in the construction sector. Laws must be respected. The labor inspection will react where required”, underlined Petroska.

State Statistical Office data show there are 4,322 active construction companies in Macedonia, employing about 45,000 people.

Construction companies have a 6.8-percent share in the total number of employees in Macedonia.