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Cost of living unchanged in May, June

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Costs of living for June have remained at the same level compared to May, and have increased by 0,5 percent compared to June 2014, the State Statistics Bureau informed.

Data shows that overall retail prices have dropped 0,3 percent in June from May, and by 0,6 percent year on year. By products, fresh fruit prices have gone up by 18,5 percent, dried fruit is pricier by 4 percent, cooking oil prices increased by 3,1 percent, eggs by 1 percent, and fish and alcoholic beverages are more expensive by 0,2 percent.

In the services sector, hospital service prices have increased by 6,2 percent, accommodation prices have grown by 4,3 percent, information technology equipment is now more expensive by 1,9 percent, and fuels and large household appliances are at nearly the same price, with increases of 0,4 and 0,3 percent respectively.

Prices have dropped for fresh vegetables (8,6 percent) and canned meat and processed meat products (0,7 and 0,6 percent). Decrease in prices is noted in air traffic (7,4 percent), household gas (4,2 percent) and hard fuels (1,2 percent), as well as smaller drops in the prices of shoes, furniture and liquid fuels.