Saturday, 4 December 2021 | News today: 0

Court rules on Museum of Macedonia thefts


The Skopje-­based Criminal Court sentenced seven defendants to a total of 31 years imprisonment for thefts of valuable artifacts from the Museum of Macedonia.

Former museum director Pero Josifovski is sentenced to 8,8 years for abuse of official position and illegal appropriation of cultural heritage, museum programming director Zlatko Videvski is given 6,8 years, jeweler Caslav Kuzmanovic is sentenced to 7,8 years, museum employees Sofka Kusovska and Jovan Kondijanov are sentenced to three years each, while Darko Krzovski and Andrej Ezov to one year each in prison.

The disappearance of 162 valuable artifacts from the museum was registered in November 2013.

The defendants were charged with illegal appropriation of valuable cultural heritage owned by the state, malpractice, and abuse of official position, resulting in the artifacts’ theft by unknown individuals. Some were charged with failure to obtain proof over the origin of museum coins they had purchased from the jeweler.