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Cowardly cries from “Pavel Shatev”- SDSM cries for power, celebrates escape from elections


Nenad Mircevski

June 5 elections were supposed to put an end to the crisis, to be an echo of the people’s will and a clear roadmap in which direction Macedonia should move. That’s why SDSM with all its powers refused to face the people and knelt in front of the international community to help in its intent. In an effort to continue the agony through destructive scenario Zaev and his criminal gang failed for the second time to postpone the people’s judgment, and they failed to completely bypass the people and forcibly take over power without gaining legitimacy in elections. At least for now! It hurts them more than any electoral defeat ever because they had never come to power in an honest way.

Presenting the postponement of the elections as “a great victory of the colorful revolution” is nothing but a cowardly cry of a loser who is aware that there is no theoretical chance to win the elections in near future. Zaev proved to be wrong foreign investment, which cannot mobilize people around himself and to deliver results. It has cost him too much time, money and resources, and instead providing massive support for the scenario of the “umbrella”, he has awakened all the anger of the people. SDSM leadership and the ambassadors and the mediators and the colorful revolutionaries know that. The biggest mistake that some of them still cannot see is underestimating the intelligence of the ordinary people and playing the card that “people forget quickly.”

What some people from the opposition ranks do not want to accept is that there will be judgment for the destructive policy of SDSM, sooner or later. The more it is delayed, the harsher it will be. They will not be forgiven for humiliating the people, negotiating with the state and the national interests, the alliance with the destructors of the Macedonian tissue, violation of history and monuments … Until then, while waiting for the opposition to finally get the courage to go to the polls, the state must continue to move forward, and the legitimately elected government must continue to fulfill its promise to the citizens and to implement the reforms.

Let’s not fool ourselves that by postponing the elections and returning the MPs in Parliament, the opposition will finally start to act constructively. The consequences of the artificially imposed crisis are yet to be felt, and the opposition has no intentions to abandon the destructive scenario. But the postponement of the elections without specifying a date in the package with the return of the government to the situation before the Przino Agreement signals that even the international mediators have no excuse that would justify the unserious behavior of the opposition on the negotiating table. One and a half year it is demanding elections, but escaped from two arranged dates, to which it agreed, but it had no problem sitting in a government that has no legitimacy from the citizens for months.

Not only did SDSM ministers deliberately obstructed the institutions in organizing free and fair elections, but also in the worst possible way proved how the opposition planned to govern the state. Soros’ millions of euros poured for anti-state propaganda didn’t manage to conquest and re-educate the Macedonian people. Nor did the threats, insults and humiliation of the opponents help. The dark scenarios, have simply proved unsuccessful, and the alliance with the destructors of the state proved counterproductive in trying to mobilize the people. The money and the “umbrellas” are worth nothing without the support of the citizens. The infinite postponement of the elections, apparently, doesn’t help increase the rating of the opposition, but until now it did a great work in keeping SDSM alive. The question is who will be the first to turn off the life support machines of these political herbs – the “umbrella”, the colorful revolutionaries or the people?