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Criminal politics


Aco Stankovski

When in a rather relevant political party, the elite or, if you wish – more specific and technocratic – leadership positions are occupied by mafia association, composed of relatively clever and ambitious personalities, who in all their passion and amoral realize their goals at any cost, then the general political environment unquestionably becomes – criminal.

Even if all other political participants in society are completely honorable, which, of course, is far from the possibilities of the political struggle, however, even in that idealistic version when everyone else is honorable and conscientious, a small group of players on the political stage play by the rules of the underworld and the entire stage becomes infected by these silent influences and the social configuration becomes infected by crime.

Then all constructive and benevolent actors in society must be put at the service of treating the political community from the terrible criminal disease that stifles, exhausts, annoys, harass us and transforms the lives of all of us in a creepy survival filled with fear and uncertainty.

But, destruction is always more effective in creating chaos rather than the virtuous attempt to rectify destroyed structures of any harmony, even the social one.

Therefore, the task that lies ahead of those enthusiasts in politics, who want to play by the ethical rules of managing the social powers, in the direction of creativity and concern for citizens and a strong determination to rectify the situation on the political stage, will be very, very difficult, if not impossible.

Of course, if the position coalition continues with the tactics of permissiveness which, at least, evokes feelings of contradiction among the neutral observers.

On one hand, the tactics of appeasement or defense provides certain social peace, but on the other hand, the political mafia, concentrated in the opposition’s top leaders, it is increasingly being stuck in the legal institutions and begins to produce new parallel quasi-institutions, whose actions create a growing chaos in society, taking it to the level of paralysis and dysfunction. Moreover, on behalf of its supporters, about 280,000 people, according to the last elections in 2014, it involves the “international community” in fact, several colonial powers like the US and the UK and their loyal followers that are not even worth to mention and it calls them for help to rescue its loyal and freedom loving “herds” of “fascist legions” of the “Macedonian Führer” who is about to deport them in the newly built concentration camps, where they will be systematically exterminated in the “gas chambers” of the Skopje 2014″ project “.

I don’t believe that the experienced and well-educated diplomats do not know the truth about the Macedonian social conditions, but, as we see, they pretend to be unwitty, as if they were cabbage growers from the neighboring fields, with faked expression of innocence and interest as sinless children.

It is one of the most successful tactics of the Anglo-American neocolonial aggression against all those societies that want to act in accordance with their deepest instincts and most vital interests.

Usually, the world’s policeman and snitch disagrees with the authentic will of many countries and nations which considers that, according to the logic of power, should be obedient servants and slaves.

The bad reputation worldwide that Uncle Sam and his butler -the Great Britain have does not always allow brutal intervention and that’s why they often turn to as perfidious so subtle tactics to achieve its dominance.

The root of that cunning, secretive and destructive game is corruption. It is easiest to corrupt criminal personas, criminals, whose essential activity is precisely corruption.

For a criminal, corruption has a taste of good and clean business. Until there’s no cutting heads and fingers, until there’s no bloodshed everywhere and until there’re no bloody paddles to be passed, until then, for the psychopathological characters – the main actors on the crime scene, until then, the amoral corrupt business is running a smooth business.

This is the easy part of the work of the so-called “international community”, to find corrupt people, in fact, criminals, who will be carefully incorporated into the parties’ ranks so they can act from there on call.

The hard part is yet to come, but that succeeds too because of the discontent and frustration, which is present in all categories of losers, especially this phenomenon of injured vanity and desire for revenge is present among the political parties that lose.

Even if one is not in power for a few days, but were before, a appear terrible crisis, similar to that of the drug addicts starts to emerge. Great anxiety, fear and all kinds of other troubles, from depression, all the way to manic hysterics, destroying the pure consciousness and ethical temper of the political protagonists from the opposition. In those moments, all these depressed losers are prepared for everything just to come to power. To this end, they are prepared to put punishment collar for slaves around their neck and to promise anything and everything just to once again come to power and begin with their long-awaited vendetta.

So, the foreign spies begin its recruitment of criminals, their insertion within the opposition, and then they begin to devise different plans for dethroning the ruling coalition.

We have been seeing these tendencies for years and all those plans to come to power have failed, and in accordance with the longstanding losership, frustration and hatred, they tend to become larger and larger. Finally, the writers of the “international” become very nervous and involve in the game the most notorious criminals, and the methods of political struggle get snitching-mafia dimensions.

The spies from the “international” are in charge of snitching, while all those criminals, who meanwhile took leading positions in the opposition parties, are in charge of laying, faking victims, bribery and making a mess.

In any case, these pals – the “international” and the criminals from the opposition, would have succeeded in their intention, but the peculiar tactics of leniency of the government as to alleviate their impact and they sank into structures too complex and stratified, which are ruled by the people.