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Croatian president entrusts Oreskovic with mandate to form government

Zagreb, 23.12.2015 - Predsjednica Republike Hrvatske Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic predala je mandat kandidatu Domoljubne koalicije i Mosta za  premijera, Tihomiru Oreskovicu nakon petog kruga konzultacija. foto HINA/ Damir SENCAR /ds

Croatia’s President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic on Wednesday nominated Tihomir Oreskovic as Prime Minister-Designate after he was proposed by the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ)-led Patriotic Coalition and the Bridge party that presented 78 signatures of elected MPs in the 151-seat eighth parliament to support this nomination, Hina reports.

During the signature-presentation ceremony, Oreskovic said in his brief address that he hoped that the future would be brighter for all citizens of Croatia.

“We are here to serve Croatian citizens and to build a better future together,” he said, adding that he would spare no effort to achieve that goal and solve the accumulated problems.

He called both on the parliamentary majority and on the opposition to help him in this endeavour.

After the finalisation of the fifth round of consultations on a new cabinet, following the November 8 election that resulted in a hung parliament, President Grabar-Kitarovic said that Oreskovic had presented her with assurances that he enjoyed the support of 78 deputies.

“In compliance with my constitutional powers, I entrust Mr. Oreskovic with the mandate to form the new, 13th government of the Republic of Croatia,” the head of state said in her address.

The president convened an inaugural session of the new parliament for noon on Monday, 28 December.

The first attempt to inaugurate the new legislature failed on 3 December, after there was no agreement on who would be the Parliament Speaker.