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“Csps Jazz Ensemble” to hold concert at Skopje Summer

skopsko_leto_csps_jazz_ensamble“Csps jazz ensemble” is to hold a concert Wednesday evening at the Faculty of Fine Arts­-Suli An within Skopje Summer Festival.

“Csps Jazz Ensemble” includes Dave Wilson (US, baritone), Stelios Chatzikaleas (Greece, trumpet) and Macedonian musicians Kiril Kuzmanov (alt saxophone), Ivan Ivanov (tenor saxophone), Bojan Petkov (guitar), Kiril Tufekcievski (double bass) and Ratko Dautovski (percussion).

“Csps Jazz Ensemble” is a combination of seven jazz musicians who worked last year on comprising the interesting musical project entitled “Encounter.”

The concert will include premiere works by Cygnus Atractus; Mist in the Missed; Keep It To Yourself; Joanica; Got Away; That One; Karma Bura and The Red Barbunya.