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Aco Stankovski

In the last decade, as experts of the circumstances in the Macedonian society say, a furious politicization in all segments of the Macedonian culture has happened. Supporters of the opposition, with undisguised hysteria lament that the policy of the legally elected authorities is responsible for the unfolding of these social processes, but the truth is exactly the opposite.

Namely, the frustrated leaders of the opposition, along with their pseudo followers, are those who initiated this process, and certain phenomena of politicization of culture have served as their alibi, coming from the country’s rich cultural and political heritage of the Western civilization.

The arguments of certain theorists of social processes in Europe have been known, who scrupulously and deeply analytical worked on the articulation of several global ideologies that emerged in the social stratigraphy of the European political history and who, undoubtedly, created some kind of their own ideological cultures that less or more live up to this day, despite the eventual triumph of the concept of liberalism, promoted mostly by the Anglo-American centers of power.

Other modes of ideological discourse were exactly the totalitarian ideologies – socialism and communism, on the position of the so-called left-wing bloc, while the right-wing was consisted of fascism and Nazism, although the bourgeois political tradition has other concepts of ideological and political activities, such as, for example, the christian democratic, conservative-traditionalist and civil-liberal ideological option.

In any case, all this time a variety of socio-political criticism has emerged, in which one criticized the other, and then both antagonistic blocs knew how to direct the liberals, or allied with them, to pounce on the left-wing or on the right-wing , all depending on the immediate and often, on the short-term interest in imposing before the masses or for prestige in election processes for the conquest of power.

Thus, for example, the liberal theoretical brokers brought that effective hypothesis that communists and socialists have politicized aesthetics, or culture, while the Nazis and the fascists have cultivated or aestheticized politics. The Social Democrats, as an impotent hybrid for social settling accounts or historical alibi for the crimes of Marxist societies designed for humanity, are increasingly drifting towards the liberals. And what did the Liberals do? They simply, politicized the whole civil sector with its strategies and tactics – everything is bought, everything is money, capital above all, and above aesthetics, and above politics, and the their main ideology comes down to the motto – the capital is unquestioned imperative of overall social and political life and the only guarantor of freedom and democracy of mankind.

Of course, all these allegations are extremely pejorative and completely nebulous, and their explicitness and unilaterality give more theoretical reasons for pointing out the countless scribblers and quasi-intellectuals rather than reflecting the truth about all these historical ordeals and periods in the history of the global civilization.

That;s why our intellectual elite looks so sterile, so without-any-ideas and uncertain. The very submissiveness and fear of the authorities is its main feature, and this is a convenient milieu for a strong ideological and political manipulation by the world’s hegemonies.

We remember (at least those citizens who are over 80), how they all swore to Stalin, then to Tito, like a mini-replacement or a coin for communist settling accounts, and today, all in unison, like a flock of hens, cluck without a break – NATO – EU, like all our intellectuals from the academic provenance that were nothing more than dumb apologists of the ideologies and the politics coming from the side of the great powers and their hegemony in the region.

For this reason the intellectual elite that emerged from the communist-totalitarian coat of the League of Communists of Macedonia and the League of Communists of Yugoslavia, was unable to resist the strong politicization of culture, which grew out of the bestial struggle for power in conditions of multipartyism and silent ambitions for political power society.

When the Macedonian intellectual elite left SDSM, after seeing that hordes of criminals have infiltrated the party, it was clear that the battle for autonomy of cultural processes in Macedonia is lost.

VMRO, which was created after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a relatively new party, which articulated the interests of the peasants and the workers (what a paradox), there was not enough time to form a strong intellectual core, which would have completed the empty space that was left behind by the intellectuals produced in the previous system.

And, finally, all those academic structures in the left-wing were replaced by terrible self-proclaimed creators and intellectuals, and, frankly speaking, most of them do not have adequate and systematic education.