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Cvetanova to Ambassador Thimonier: If this is the EU you speak of, I say we wait and see


Former Culture Minister Ganka Samoilovska Cvetanova used social media to reply to French Ambassador to Macedonia Christian Thimonier over his recent forceful call on Macedonia to change its name in order to join the European Union.

– The French Ambassador tells us that there is no Plan B to the Prespa treaty. The only alternative is to remain paralyzed on the road to the EU, he says. If this is the EU he wants us to rush toward, I say let’s wait and see, Cvetanova wrote, while sharing a news report about the recent Islamist attack in Strasbourg.


Thimonier caused waves on two other recent occasions. In one instance he warned Macedonia that if it does not accept to change its name into North Macedonia, it faces the fate of North Korea. In the other, he made lengthy rambling comments on Facebook which included many ugly terms aimed at Macedonians.