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Aco Stankovski

Indeed, the absurd in our homeland touches the most extreme range you could imagine, but the reality is more fantastic from any imaginative projection of man. All conspiracy theories, or, for cryptohistory, resemble banal performances from third-class news on some suspicious TV’s that emerged in the region like mushrooms after rain.

Well, the Republic of Macedonia began to look like a caricature composition, similar to those created by Bosch, Bruegel, Honoré Daumier, Goya and George Grosz (certainly in a high, I would say, ingenious style), but the performances?

They are morbid, frightening, grotesque, they celebrate the irrational, they haunt labeling, they destroy the graceful and refined. However, the truth in this work impresses and the excitement of the unpredictable and the unexpected has huge hypnotic effect.

And as the landscape with all those figures, as if sculptured scandals, becomes more and more terrible, so freedom of comments and interpretations of this terrifying dystopia is limited by law.

Law, passed by rabbits and reptiles, who never wanted to look the truth in the eyes.

How far will this international alliance of petty bureaucratic piranhas and their political followers that disturb the public order and peace and spit on civilization and spiritual achievements go?

How come those who slandered, spied on, insulted, threatened and cursed, how come these unprecedented degenerates and quislings succeeded to pardon their sins themselves so easy and simple before the audience, at least before that with authority, and to blame their victims of hate speech and political incorrectness? How come these spiders hanging on the network with their miserable news portals present themselves as martyrs, and present their victims as aggressors and torturers?

Well, weren’t these same Iago and Judas Iscariot-like people fighting for free speech, cultural competition, intellectual debate and reasonable solving of the conflicted concepts of the social scene? Suddenly they became prison camp soldiers, scouts of colonialism, Inquisition spies, military instigators. For money? – Surely not for the colored eyes of the cow Pandorce from Dolno Dupeni.

There, the leading figures of free press from the time of transition now have become fierce advocates and apologists of censorship.

Certainly, they tried hard for Uncle Sam, and perhaps Uncle Sam has applied a trick on them from his trick repertoire.

Long live censorship! – scream the already treated laboratory rats, now released on the ground.

The Great will now silence our opponents, those filthy peasants, those fools, who do not know what toilet is, and now they are defecating in it!

First they created the “Golden Calf” of Lady Justice and now they have prepared a firing squad for those who do not want to go through the lobotomy system.

So, slowly, from legalistic space, usurping it maximally with its quasi-institution, have now moved into the media area with the newly formed body for censorship. To that end, and to recall the subversive implants placed in the so-called “technical government” to conduct of the elections.

Is cheating coming into play again, this time enhanced with new powers?

Really, this time they went too far. Not that their appetites for power will be met, it will never happen. But the shock of facing reality (after the elections) will be so large that they will no longer have much to do but to reach out to the most brutal terror.

Even the most blinded opposition members, in some miraculous way, are sensing that. So they ask themselves how to avoid the damnation?

They are worried. Doubt annoys them. What about the US elections? Will their masters win or a giant cat will come and eat them like mice from a jelly? All this does not let them sleep at night.

But here the atmosphere is toxic. Especially, as regards freedom of speech. The censorship body should be in the remote and not in the idiotic wishes of several worn-out political figures, who don’t not want to step down from the garbage of history.