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Deputy Environment Minister falls asleep rather than debate air pollution in Parliament

makraduli spie

Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov embarrassed himself today during the Parliament hearing on the acute air pollution problem in Macedonia when he was caught by the camera playing Candy Crush on his phone instead of listening to the debate. But, Deputy Environment Protection Minister Jani Makraduli outdid Silegov, when he fell asleep later during the hearing.

Telma TV caught Silegov dozing off rather then having to listen to the members of Parliament.

Earlier his superior, Minister Sadula Duraku, best known for being the guerrilla commander who cut of the water supply to the city of Kumanovo in the height of the 2001 summer, rudely brushed off a journalist who asked him why so few resources are dedicated to fighting air pollution. “I don’t work for the citizens. They can sue me“, said Duraku.