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Dimitriev: China offers cooperation in infrastructure, tourism and green investments


Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev, who heads the caretaker pre-election Government, said that there is interest on the part of the People’s Republic of China to invest in Macedonia in infrastructure, tourism development, agriculture and green technology. MIA correspondent from Riga, where Dimitriev attends the summit between China and Central and Eastern European countries, says that this is in line with overall Chinese strategies for the region.

Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang met with the leaders of 16 European countries in what is by now a regular summit format through which Macedonia and China already agreed to initiate two important highway projects. Dimitriev is joined by Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Poposki and Vladimir Peshevski in Riga, and also met with other European leaders and business representatives.

“Our positions are that we offer cooperation in different areas, in line with the earlier agreed projects. The Prime Minister of China informed us that they have interest for specific cooperation in the area of infrastructure, where we had discussions on specific proposals. Also, in the areas of tourism and ‘green’ investments. In some of the areas we discussed, we need to prepare our specific proposals, that would serve as basis for future projects with China”, said Prime Minister Dimitriev.

Peshevski, who is Deputy Prime Minister in charge of economic development, said that there were encouraging messages coming from Prime Minister Li and the business forum that brought together Chinese and European businessmen. “I encouraged Chinese companies, especially those that compete on the global level, to come to the region, examine the business climate offered in the individual countries, and to also make use of the solid growth opportunities of the region. Prime Minister Li said that one of their goals is to reduce their trade surplus with our region, which should be a good opportunity for our agriculture producers that can access the Chinese market. We also have the best business climate in the region, which is confirmed by numerous international institutions, and we have already initiated successful projects with China, and we expect that it will be an opportunity for new Chinee companies to come and invest”, said Peshevski. China supports the construction of the Skopje – Stip and Kicevo – Ohrid highways, which improve the east – west Corridor 8 links.

Deputy Prime Minister Poposki, who also serves as Foreign Affairs Minister, added that for our country, it is also important to see that the planned center for cultural cooperation between China and the region may be based in Macedonia. “This is an important domain for us, because it would also be a good opportunity to present Macedonia and our culture in a positive light on the Chinese market”, said Poposki.

Besides their meetings with the Chinese officials, Dimitriev also met with the Prime Ministers of Bulgaria and Czechia, Boyko Borisov and Bohuslav Sobotka, while Poposki met with his Hungarian counterpart Peter Szijjarto.