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Dimitriev: VMRO is foundation of Macedonia, our symbol and driving force

This year marks 123 years since the foundation of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation (VMRO), 123 years since the day when great visionaries Hristo Tatarcev, Dame Gruev, Petar Pop Arsov, Andon Dimitrov, Hristo Batandziev and Ivan Hadzi Nikolov laid the foundations of the Macedonian revolutionary movement and cornerstone of the organised Macedonian revolutionary struggle. VMRO is cornerstone on which our fatherland is built, symbol of Macedonia and driving force that built Ilinden, which created ASNOM and paved the way to the triumph on September 8.

This was stated by Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev at Saturday’s evening speech at the formal academy which was held at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet on the occasion of the Day of the Day of Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle, October 23.

Addressing President Gjorge Ivanov, Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski, ministers, officials of Macedonian Academy of Science and Arts, diplomatic corps and religious communities and other distinguished guests, Dimitriev stressed that now that freedom is earned, when Macedonia is independent and sovereign state, we should respect it and defend it.

He said that the holiday is an excellent opportunity to take an example from the past, to deepen our love for the fatherland. Our ancestors lived in a very turbulent time, in times of pain, difficult life challenges, of great personal and family losses. Their behavior, ideals and sacrifice, should encourage us to be better, more committed and more responsible towards our country, because they fought for the same cause, the same country…, they fought for Macedonia.

Perhaps Jane Sandanski’s statement speaks best for such times which reads “I do not wait for the quick liberation of Macedonia. It may not come even in my days, but I want to organise people and if that happens, it will get its freedom,” Dimitriev said.

Emphasizing that the success of VMRO is firmly sealed in history, Dimitriev said that thousands of fighters and revolutionaries were firmly convinced in the need to die for freedom of Macedonian state. They knew that the day will come, like this one today, where their descendants, will mention and celebrate their work with pride and honor, Dimitriev underlined.

Dimitriev in his speech underlined that building a state is complex and long-lasting process which should never end and every generation should leave its mark.

Building a state means construction of highways and airports, regional, national and local roads, construction of villages and towns, hospitals, and homes, sports fields and facilities, construction of schools and kindergartens, cultural facilities, railways and stations… Building a state means investment and support in agriculture, support for companies and businesses. It is a better Macedonia in which our top priority creating new jobs has special place, fight which we successfully lead. The result of such fight is 160.000 new jobs for Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Serbs, Roma, Vlachs, Bosniaks … The fight is for higher wages, higher pensions, greater assistance for the vulnerable, and to this we are strongly committed, Dimitriev said.

We have succeeded to present Macedonia as an attractive business destination and companies from different countries came here and became convinced in excellent business climate so they decided to invest and build factories where many our citizens are employed, Dimitriev said.

Macedonia is proven, reliable and honest partner of the Euro-Atlantic community. Therefore, we will continue to fulfill the essential reforms that will bring us to the desired goal and meet the real needs of citizens, Dimitrov stressed, adding that Macedonia continues with the ongoing judicial reforms, the modernisation of the administration, the fight against corruption and organized crime, constant upgrading of fully functioning market economy, and reforms in all other areas related to EU and NATO integration.

Towards this goal we are united and we will continue to work united just as VMRO had united our people to what it means common interest. Such inspiration we need today in order to unite in regard to the progress and new successes for our country, he said.

On that path, he stressed, one of the first conditions is to unite in ensuring fair and democratic elections.

He mentioned here our top strategic priority NATO and EU membership which is not realised due to imposed dispute with our constitutional name and our identity which resulted in problematic incomprehensible and unacceptable breach of the fundamental rights of our citizens.

He stressed that the process of building confidence measures with our southern neighbour is positive step and will contribute to creating atmosphere for fair, sustainable and accepted by the citizens resolution of an open an issue that has burdened our European and Euro-Atlantic integration, and which is also in the interest to both countries Macedonia and Greece and the region as well.

Referring to the parliamentary elections scheduled for December 11 he said that they are only solution to the political crisis and to be comprehended seriously as an end to the political crisis. Those who understand this, those who will invest in the end of the crisis and will see it as a philosophy for its ending will be rewarded by citizens, and those who will try to artificially extend the crisis will face the condemnation of the citizens, the worst a party or a politician can experience.

Dimitriev underlined that the citizens are ‘fed up’ by this political crisis. The entire society is in a state of convulsion. We have been captives of a staged crisis that has shifted our focus from solving the major issues of our people. It is painful that this crisis has reflected the everyday life of citizens, businessmen have been discouraged to take on larger and more serious investments, administration that should serve the citizens acts with a slower tempo, the economic growth we have been so proud of has been slowing down, and chances for bigger investments have been missed, Dimitriev said.

Although we have provided investments from abroad and capital investments in the country, some chances have been missed. I regret that these situations caused a large number of people to stay unemployed. This has got to stop, he pointed out.

According to him the government in charge of elections will do everything in its power to provide fair and democratic elections, in the pre-election period, as well as on the Election Day. However, the government is not the only institution responsible to gain trust within the electoral process. All parties, individuals, organs, institutions which are part of the political and social life, are also responsible, Dimitriev underlined in his speech.

On December 11, we should celebrate democracy. Elections must be a celebration of democracy and I believe we all have the capacity to realize this objective, Dimitriev said.

The citizens of the Republic of Macedonia are the bearers of the sovereignty of this county and no one can or should restrict or hinder this. You will decide at the upcoming elections. You and no one else; neither partier nor special organs or institutions. You-citizens are above all these categories, Dimitrie said.

We can have political differences and that’s good for democracy, but citizens should be united to work for a better tomorrow for our country. Both the ruling and opposition parties. Goce Delchev said that we should seek the trust of success in ourselves and in others. If we have to wake it up, if we do not have to create it, Dimitriev concluded his speech.