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Dimitrov: History will produce tensions, but we expect results

Discussions between Bulgaria and Macedonia over disputable events from the common history will produce tensions but we expect results, said professor Angel Dimitrov, the Bulgarian chair of the joint committee of experts on historic and educational matters.

“The work will produce tensions and not go as fast as we would like, but we expect to achieve results. There are no major requirements from our counterparts in Skopje, we have our remarks, but there are positions that cannot be easily altered in a scholarly discussion,” said Dimitrov, a historian and former Bulgarian ambassador to Macedonia, prior to the start of the discussions.

The committee has started to review the elementary instruction books.

“These books focus on history from antiquity and the Middle Ages. Our remarks referred to the Middle Ages, when the ties of the Bulgarian state and the geographic territory of Macedonia are established. The change is complex, I looked through the high school instruction books and we will face even more serious differences,” Dimitrov told BTV.

According to him, there are also topics of consensus, such as the Bulgaria-Macedonia Friendship Treaty, “which is already yielding results”.