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Dimovski in Kocani: Under SDSM government, minimum wage was MKD 11,000, today it’s MKD 23,000


The coalition “For Better Macedonia” is comprised of all political parties that do not allow changes to the Constitution, bilingualism, redefinition of Macedonia and do not allow any division into cantons, said list carrier in the third electoral district Ilija Dimovski at Wednesday’s rally in Kocani.

“Can you trust someone who is continually lying? The answer is no. Zoran Zaev promising a wage of MKD 30,000, while under SDSM’s government the average was was MKD 11,000, and today is MKD 23,000. He promises a wage of MKD 30.000, while the employees in Zaev’s companies are paid MKD 10,000 – 11,000. He promises to open new jobs and to bring factories. In 11 and a half years, as long as he is mayor of Strumica, he hasn’t opened a single factory. SDSM is throwing promises, but I will ask you to remember the past and their promises. During their term there was no minimum wage determined by law, and today they are throwing promises forgetting that the citizens are wise and remember what SDSM did in the past, they remember all closed factories, when towns suffered because people were left without jobs,” Dimovski said.

During SDSM’s term, 6,778 Kocani citizens were employed, whereas today that number is 11,346. That is 4,568 new jobs in Kocani. The difference is obvious, Dimovski underlined.