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Dimovski: SDSM has patriots as well

One of the most exposed representatives of the ruling party is dedicating himself to coordination with VMRO-DPMNE's MP group in Parliament, after long administration with the communication center. The criticism and the compliments he receives from his political opponents and allies, can only help us be better MPs, politicians and people, says the young citizen of Veles, who has close family relations in Ohrid as well. He expects to get married during the new mandate

After seven years as Director of the party’s Communication Center, you are taking a new post, coordinator of the MP group led by the ruling party VMRO-DPMNE respectively. Are you tired of daily communication with journalists or is it about a new challenge? 

Dimovski: It is not about tiredness, to the contrary. The new position, coordinator of the MP group of the VMRO-PMNE-led coalition “For Better Macedonia” will demand even more energy and zest. I spend seven years as Director of VMRO-DPMNE’s Communication Center and I believe that is totally sufficient period of time where I was able to show manner of working and real results from my work and the work of my team. The communication with the journalists, and at the same time the communication with all other citizens that are outside our political triviality, is a challenge, but are benefits as well. Almost always, this very category of citizens, of course, including the journalists, can give good and real criticism about the politicians, thus helping the professional performance of the tasks. Such practice can take a lot of time, sometimes cause not lasting agitation, demand much explanations and further explanations, but also keeps politicians aware and makes them be more responsible. Because of all that and the character of the position as coordinator of the largest MP group, I will always remain available to you, the journalists.

You previously were a MP and one of the loudest speakers in Parliament, what is the challenge in being coordinator of the largest MP group?

Dimovski: Our democratic and parliamentary tradition is relatively short compared to the tradition of the developed democracies of the West. Twenty years are sufficient, but at the same time and insufficient period of time to meet and overcome all challenges of a parliamentary democracy. I would also like to stress and repeat that we are still coping with parliamentarism and there are many other fields for its development and improvement regarding the significant role of Parliament, regarding the greater closeness with the citizens, regarding improving the purpose of our work. That would be a continuous challenge.

Why Parliament is not so attractive for the public as in the beginning of the 90s, when common citizens wanted to directly follow the work of the MPs? I have an impression that from various reasons the MPs are afraid of expressing their personal position and spirit over many things. Except for Amdi Bajram, we do not have many people that know how to bring the public to its feet by using everyday language.

Dimovski: A good MP must know a great quantity of data, legal norms, statistics, comparative experiences from other states in relatively a great number of totally different areas. A good MP must be a decent example for its environment. A good MP must follow all legal and political initiatives discussed at the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia. It is not rhetoric the only thing we can and should measure the work of the MPs.


If SDSM decides not to return to Parliament, are we going to have a greater political crisis than the one after December 24?

Dimovski: That can not be assessed from this position, because we still do not know how far would SDMS go just to harms us as a ruling structure. Unfortunately, it fails to see that its actions and policy, actually, not only harms us, as its political opponent, but also harms the Republic of Macedonia and all citizens. Moreover, its wrong policy and actions are seen by everyone and it is always easier for us to oppose it with a completely different approach, with greater responsibility, greater report and greater quality. But the damages it causes, if it resumes that way, could have big consequences for the country and the citizens. The absence of the opposition in Parliament will also effect its work, as well as the impressions of the external factors about Macedonia. If that is the purpose and if the purpose is to destroy Macedonia’s reputation, lose the recommendation, chase the investors, than SDSM is moving precisely along that road. SDSM must learn that its weak results are not fruit of any conspiracy or reason that it mentions, but a fruit of the fact that has no programme and clear political concept, no constant policy and directions, no quality proposals, and has exceptionally weak leadership, it does not manage to accept and admit the responsibility for the mistake during the transition and has no strategy for good communication with the public.

Deadline for return of the opposition in Parliament is expiring.

Dimovski: It is its work and its assessment, but also its responsibility. I know that the MP’s composition of SDSM-led coalition includes responsible and serious people. There are people that I can easily name as patriots who love their country. It is up to them to decide whether they will find the strength to change the policy of their party or they will find the strength to leave this harmful policy. There can can not be calculations in crucial moments in life, here one must follow the human principles and values. Actually, moments like this show the strength of each of us, as a group, and, mainly, as a unit. We are continuously calling on SDSM MP group to become reasonable and stop with the destructive policy and actions. This time, the international community also does that clearly and intentionally. Problems are resolved on a table, and that table, metaphorically saying, is the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia.

Why did SDSM give up the possibility to broadcast its messages via Parliament channel?

Dimovski: That is an intriguing question. Macedonian Parliament is the only state body with constant and continuous television broadcasting, which provide detailed insights of our work to the citizens. If it is true that SDSM does not have enough media room, as their members claim, then their frequent decisions for abandoning the Parliament really make no sense at all. They either do not speak the truth or they knowingly harm their own party themselves. In addition, I would like to point out that one of the amended regulations on the work of the Parliament of recent years stipulates establishment of the institute Council of the Parliament Channel, chaired by the Parliament Vice President, appointed upon suggestion of the biggest opposition group. In this manner, they can both directly and indirectly influence the improvement of the media area they constantly speak of a problematic, but, they obviously do not want to accept it as a challenge that requires work. They choose the easier way – to criticize and do nothing.


The opposition often negatively criticizes you to be the creator of the party communication strategy, which wins nine times in a row, saying you are the director of the center for manipulation, not communication.

Dimovski: The answer is within the question. Successful political party communication is the one that achieves victories.I am aware it can often cause opponent’s or their media disapproval and criticism, but, I am also aware the communication strategy if my party is always based on specific and clear arguments and serious values. We have never dared to present lies in the public. That has always been and will remain our top priority, because those who work this job know how much a word given is worth. We have never played with the trust we built with huge efforts. Presenting the truth sometimes hurts, causes negative reactions, which I am aware of and understand them. However, its not the messenger that is to blame for breaching of laws or ethical norms, but the one who has decided to play with the law, with the people or the rules, hoping no one would find out.

Personally, I would have been much happier if instead of negative criticism towards myself, the Center and my coworkers, I could see a more competitive approach of the opposition. It would have been better for SDSM, because it would have given better results, it would have been better for ourselves, because it would have stimulated us to work even harder, but primarily, it would have been better for the Republic of Macedonia, because its citizens would have had a greater political choice. Unfortunately, that has not been and is not the case.

Zaev speaks of felonious alignment between your party and the media.

Dimovski: Zaev either does not understand or does not want to understand the key to success in our work is not in the media, nor the Election Code, which was enriched with all their requests, nor the voters’ list. The key to success depends on whether you work or not, whether you leave remarkable results behind you, whether people trust you or not. Everything else is simply populism, every political stage has to have it. Western democracies have it, we have it. I do understand his need to look for excuses for his exceptionally weak election results, but I would still emphasize a good politician is the one who can manage the problems and not blame everyone around for this weaknesses.

The media matter is attractive for SDSM and many others who have not done anything to leave behind themselves, so they try to preach and tell narratives to everyone around them on how to work or act. Macedonia has large number of media and each and every one of them has their own legit editing policy, whether we like it or not at times, but no one can deny the variety editing policy of the TV stations, newspapers and the increasingly popular Internet media. This topic, which SDSM uses to justify its defeats, has been supported by many quasi-NGOs, financed by the one and same matrix, many party officials from the 1990s, have done nothing, and now speak as if they were the messiahs, as well as many one-time careerists, who wish to be seen as big democrats and open-minded citizens by the public. But, if you look back in their career and their history, you will see many bad examples and practices on this particular topic. Unfortunately, SDSM is the party that has been exceptionally involved with the media work. Their Communication Center employees are journalists, who still claim to be neutral and impartial. Journalists from that exact party have grabbed high positions in the past.

In the time when the parties VMRO-DPMNE and VMRO-Narodna divided, you supported Nikola Gruevski, instead of Georgievski. Although the differences between both these parties were sharp at the time, now you cooperate as one, unlike VMRO is the past, when different fractions seldom managed to find common ground.

Dimovski: Many people made decisions based on emotions back than. Many were not aware of their real actions, because they have been concealing them. I, on the other hand, was one of the vociferous supporters of Gruevski in the division period, but I also consider myself today a strong supporter of integration of all correct, quality and honest people, who might have done an unintentional mistake in their political actions at a given time moment. It can happen to anyone. VMRO-DPMNE, particularly its leader Gruevski, have shown their greatness regarding this matter, which must be recognized. VMRO’s huge integrating capacity does not only refer to the people who have joined VMRO-Narodna, but also to all citizens who have never been members of any political party, but can contribute to our work. This goes for our coalition partners, since our current coalition is the largest one in Macedonian democratic history. Now we are faced with new challenges, now our party expresses interest to integrate Macedonians who have accepted the Islamic religion, but also members of minor ethnic communities in Macedonia. VMRO-DPMNE strives to be a party that unifies.

Unlike your coworkers, who got married in the past eight years and even have a few children, you did not manage to form a family in the past time period. 

Dimovski: If I wait to unburden myself of professional obligations, I would probably have to wait for too long, since it is not only about being on a certain position, but also about the dedication level to the position. However, with a small doze of humor and large amount of positive thoughts, I do hope this matter will be resolved within this mandate.


By: Goran Momiroski
Photo: Aleksandar Ivanovski