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Dinosaurs offside


Budimka Popovska
(Nun Makrina)

A director with a sound name has once said the time, when humankind will climb a ladder higher in its slow progress, is close. Every human will be a poet, writer, director, composer and they won’t need to go to the cinema, read books, listen to music or embroider tapestry. They will film their own disposable movies, will compose odes of joy over breakfast and will write a crown of sonnets while walking.

Namely, they would be able the satisfaction of consuming art to themselves, through self-accomplishment. If each 1000th person of the living 6 billion is a genetically predetermined artist, than, according to Lynch’s vision, human race would experience such evolution jump and transformation that will no longer be valued with percentage, sensations, feelings, sense of aesthetics. It will all be done with genetically modified enlightenment or by electrifying, which means that Picasso, da Vinci, Bellucci, Mozart, Tesla, Abramović  (Marina, not to be misunderstood), Gates will be working in stores, firms, trains, sport arenas, TV, while Djokovic and Messi will be something like maids.

Football is anyways the most powerful religion in the world. The stadiums are packed temples where no one forces you to believe anything to compensate for the fear. Its is just pure love for the game with the famous ball. And when you place a bet, the odds to win extra profit are much higher, regardless whether you believe in your idol.

David Lynch says ideas are like a big mosaic in the other room. And that only one mosaic piece reaches us. Than we should put the mosaic together by ourselves. With the help of the piece that we got as a gift.

And that the idea never comes in one piece, but piece by piece. He who was lucky not to fall asleep, will easily recognize the small fragment.

A thought, let’s say. Revealed to us by some magnificent book. The same rule for cosmic balance is valid here, as well – what you get is what you give. In love, in destiny, in life.

All a man should do is to free himself of the unnecessary fears, emotional baggage and mental blockades. To set the field.

 To free himself of the conviction that there is a predetermined scheme or a draft-plan.

A freedom to chose exists. Whatever it is.

The most frequently asked question is – than how undesired faith happen? How does one make a wrong choice? How do mistakes happen? What is the overriding factor?

Let’s say an amazing book came to you. A piece of the mosaic. You should not waste much time thinking over the piece. You need to start looking for the other parts, think of the big picture.

Option one. You lose the book to break the connection. Allegedly, not on purpose.

Option two. You give the book to your best friend, you explain to them how important it is to you. In a short time, the friend is in a situation to borrow it to his best friend, and this one – to his best friend. The book disappears in a while.

And you wonder if the book would have also been lost if you did not explain to the friend so fiercely how much it means to you? Would the book go unnoticed in that case and would have been returned to you in the same condition like when it was taken from you?

What does it mean? Don’t make any noise? Don’t get agitated?

Don’t cause a hurricane at the butterfly’s wing, and it will all be ok? It has been centuries already and I can still not figure out the meaning of the saying – a head down is not going to be cut off by the saber. Is no one noticing the saber has no reason to cut it off? Where did the saber come from? The saber, somehow, is guaranteed by the law. Why? Is it some kind of a misunderstanding and discrepancy of the customs’ matrices on local vis–à–vis global collective unconsciousness?

Or simply, in the modern cyberized societies, the old-fashioned model of enemies armed with saber is in the past. Dressed in a uniform, let’s say blue ones, and our people – in a white jersey. No. No more uniforms, no more trenches, no more classical street gunfights, or at least they are extincting. As the managers of some Skopje-based, trendsetting store would say – total sale. And when you will see seemingly street protests, remember that those are the last cries of an extinct dinosaur. In the reality show of life, someone would always deal with such set ups, to give you a headache. Now different programmes are in play. Different minor games, different passwords. You were once forced to be natural, today you have a choice.

That is, if you know you do.

Or, as Leonard Cohen would say, “if I knew where the good songs came from I would go there more often…”